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18 weeks pregnant, and NEWS! July 1, 2009

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136 pounds this morning. I haven’t weighed this much since spring of last year. I both feel fat but also am excited that it means baby, and I know I can get the weight off in no time afterward.

Also, the news! At 12:28 this afternoon, I felt what I think was the baby! About 4″ up from the bottom of my pubic bone and an inch to my right was where I felt a tickling feeling inside that didn’t feel like intestinal grumbling. It happened again this afternoon when I was driving and had Ozzy blaring on the radio.

Also, that’s Luthien to the left, and Emma to the right. Yeah, mama-dog is noticeably smaller than her baby.


17 weeks pregnant, and finally a noticeable bump?! June 24, 2009

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BUMP! I think. 134 pounds this morning. Also I do have a belly-belly from dinner where I gorged on a huge cheese steak hoagie and finished half of Cody’s, as well as a large order of cheese fries, a large order or regular fries, an order of mozzarella cheese sticks, and then two bowls of cereal when we got home. But that, I hope, isn’t what accounts for my lower belly.

For having spent a year and a half literally starving myself almost to death and then feeling anxiety over having to gain weight from my low of 115, who’d have thought I’d be relieved to see a part of my getting bigger?! But I am. It’s like proof that there’s a baby in there. Ultrasound pictures are just pictures. This, somehow, feels like tangible proof.


16 weeks pregnant…still no bump June 17, 2009

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I don’t care that it’s supposed to be normal to not be showing yet. But seeing pictures of people with very noticeable bumps at 16 weeks and even weeks sooner makes me feel like crying. It worries me to not be showing AT ALL. No joke.

I’m not sucking it in either. THIS is sucking it in (face cropped because Cody has this odd ability to get pictures of me making weird faces):

If I didn’t have an appointment ten hours from now, I’d be calling my doctor in the morning begging to be seen. This is just ridiculous.

My weight has hardly changed. I was 135.2 this morning, and these pictures were taken withing two hours of eating three grilled cheese sandwiches, a double-decker chicken salad sandwich, a double-decker peanut butter sandwich, a bunch of homemade chicken nuggets, AND four homemade donuts.

WHY AM I NOT SHOWING?! I’m so worried.


15 weeks pregnant June 10, 2009

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134.2 this morning. I gained weight! Honestly, part of my brain says, “NOOOOOOOOooooooooo!” Just out of habit, I think. Work so hard to lose weight that the first reaction to gaining is a little bit of panic. But it’s baby, so that’s okay.

Also Star gave birth to her kittens this morning, the first at 3:50am, the last at 4:54am. Three girls and two boys. I’ll do a write-up later today with pictures.


14 full weeks pregnant June 3, 2009

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The doggie to the left is Luthien, and the one on the right if her momma, Emma.

I was 132.8 this morning, and this pic was taken after I had finished eating half a three-meat pizza and a couple tall glasses of milk. Mmmmmm! I was 133.6 about a minute before taking this, but I’m taking my weekly weight in the morning. I want a bump, not a flat tummy. 😦


13 weeks pregnant May 27, 2009

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13 weeks pregnant, 131.8 pounds.

I was so tired I was slouchy and don’t care.


12 weeks pregnant May 20, 2009

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133.4 pounds as of this morning (almost 20 more than last August, trying not to think of myself as fat…).

C’mon, Baby, grow into a bump big enough for me to feel or see you! I can’t wait until kicking my lungs and all that starts.