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Differing thoughts July 10, 2009

Filed under: Off topic — Aria @ 10:31 am

First thing first. The second will get its own post.

If you don’t like what I have to say in my own blog, then don’t come here. Easy as that. Don’t bitch that I’m posting things you don’t agree with here. I’ve had I think four people today alone tell me I’m “mean” and such for posting that I don’t agree with something they all think is okay (gender selection for the hell of it, not even to try avoiding a disease that only passes to one gender, but just because one sounds more fun or something). I also believe that abortion is appalling, especially third trimester abortion. Furthermore I don’t believe i god and believe the bible is a load of bunk. Have problems with this? Well, it’s easy to not come to my blog. Simply…don’t come here.

This is the adult world, and in the adult world, people have different beliefs and opinions. It’s very childish to expect everyone to either agree with you or to not state anywhere their beliefs that aren’t the same as yours. No one person is the center of the world, and it’s selfish to expect others to shut up if they don’t agree with you. Is this the expected outcome of protecting the fragile lil’ egos of kids? They grow up to not know how to handle others not agreeing with them, so freak out and complain, “You’re mean for saying something I don’t agree with in your blog!” You know what? Grow up. This wouldn’t be an issue at all if you could respect my right to believe and think what I do and not expect me to keep to hush-hush the way I respect your right to believe and think what you do and to not keep quiet. It’s called being an adult.

I have three people I consider to be my closest friends, and between them, we have drastically different beliefs on things such as abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, the war in Iraq, who should have won the presidency, and religion. Not a single one of them shares more than half of the same beliefs as me. In fact, I think only one of them shares even three of the same stances as I do. We are each incredibly firm in our stances. But we’re such good friends anyway because we RESPECT each other’s rights to think and say what we believe, and we don’t bother discussing a topic we know we can’t change the other’s view on. This is the adult thing to do.

And anyway, if one person should shut up, why should it be me instead of you? Because you don’t want to? There’s nothing so special about you that gives you the right to talk instead of me. There’s nothing so special about me that gives me the right instead of you. We are in America, and we have the SAME right to say what we think and believe. So if you want me to give up my right, then you better be willing to give up yours. If you’re not willing to, then you’re selfish for demanding I do it. Part of being an adult is being able to handle dissenting thoughts and beliefs and to either be able to discuss them or decide it’s not worth it and to walk away from the conversation. That’s easy too. Simply don’t say anything. An argument can’t go on if only one person’s talking, you know.


One Response to “Differing thoughts”

  1. Some people just think that freedom of speech only covers what they want to hear and anything they don’t like to hear should be shut-up which is called facism not freedom. If everyone thought the same thing in this world what a boring place it would be!

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