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18 weeks pregnant, and NEWS! July 1, 2009

Filed under: Pictures - Tummy — Aria @ 9:51 pm

136 pounds this morning. I haven’t weighed this much since spring of last year. I both feel fat but also am excited that it means baby, and I know I can get the weight off in no time afterward.

Also, the news! At 12:28 this afternoon, I felt what I think was the baby! About 4″ up from the bottom of my pubic bone and an inch to my right was where I felt a tickling feeling inside that didn’t feel like intestinal grumbling. It happened again this afternoon when I was driving and had Ozzy blaring on the radio.

Also, that’s Luthien to the left, and Emma to the right. Yeah, mama-dog is noticeably smaller than her baby.


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