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Michael Jackson :( June 25, 2009

Filed under: Off topic — Aria @ 4:41 pm

I am beyond angry. For YEARS I’ve defended him. It’s so easy to get a child molestation charge to stick simply because people are so disgusted by it and want to blame someone. TWICE he was found NOT GUILTY. Yet the majority of people still declared him to be a molester. Know what? I was molested by a kid as a teenager, a male babysitter, and I still deal with issues from it. He was convicted/ So I understand wanting to blame someone! But there wasn’t enough, twice there wasn’t enough, to get convictions against Michael. This means something!!

And now that he’s dead, all of a sudden people are on his side and talking about how wonderful he was. WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS SUPPORT WHEN HE WAS ALIVE AND NEEDED THE SUPPORT?! This is what angers me. The lack of support he needed when alive, and it’s only coming out now that it won’t do him any good.

He and my mother has a very similar childhood, frighteningly similar. I’ve ha a soft spot in my heart for him for pretty much my entire life. He never got to have a childhood, and really, he never hurt anyone. He was the one who was hurt so much, but he didn’t pass that on. He stopped the cycle and tried to make life fun for kids the way his own childhood wasn’t. My mother did some similar things, trying to compensate for the childhood she didn’t get to have by trying to make sure my brother and I had the best childhoods possible with all the things she didn’t get to have. But this doesn’t mean Michael ever did anything to kids. He only tried to do good for people.

If I see any more pictures of Michael as a child, I’m going to cry. As it is, it’s hard not to my cry my eyes out. He really was a good guy. This is the first time ever that a celebrity’s passing has brought tears to my eyes.


9 Responses to “Michael Jackson :(”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    I was shocked to come home today and learn that he had died. I keep hoping it is some elaborate hoax so that he can get some real privacy, something I do not think he has ever really had. I do think he probably was mentally ill, I do not think he molested children. IMHO he was probably accused b/c parents thought it would be easy to exploit (get $$$) from a rich person with a mental illness. And yes, I think his mental problems were the product of an abusive father and stage life from age 5. I could go on and on about it. I believe that like all of us he did stupid things (like dangling his infant over the hotel rail, mentally ill remember) BUT I really truly believe that he had a good heart and truly wanted to do good to people, especially kids. His dancing may have been too “naughty” in my opinion but his music certainly was not. Compare it to 1000’s of other artists………he made honest music and was one of the most talented singers of all time. I know he will be missed and I feel very sad for the very young children who get to hear that they will never see daddy again. I hope he is in Heaven, that he went without pain, and that his family will be able to cope and raise the children well.

  2. Aria Says:

    I’m so glad you said all of this. Without a doubt his mental facilities probably weren’t all in order, but that doesn’t make him a bad person, and there were too many loopholes in those allegations, one with the parents wanting money right away, the other with a boy and mother with a history of doing this to others before Michael. But he tried. Even though he was hurt from very early childhood, he tried to pass on fun to other children to help make their childhoods a bit brighter than his own had been. His dancing may not have been clean, but he had talent, and he didn’t exploit anyone the way his own father exploited him and his brothers. Ironically his exploitation may have been his saving grace in the end.

    I’m sickened that already he’s become tabloid fodder. The same damned media outlets that sensationalized the crap before to sell papers are at it again. It’s just disgusting. He’s dead. What more to they want?

  3. jewelssparkles Says:

    I have nothing to add other than I agree with everything that’s already been said.

    Have you ever read his autobiography? I have his & LaToya’s… it’s funny because they are SO very different, yet because they are so different, it shows the truth in both REALLY well. Michael’s is written in a very gentle style, trying to avoid any possible conflict & softening over anything bad (it’s still there, it’s just written very nicely, which I didn’t think was possible!), while LaToya’s is written with the aid of someone else & it’s very gossup-columny & expose-ish. So LaToya’s overexaggerates *everything* to make the tiniest thing seem sensational, while Michaels fuzzes over even the worst things, but because they’ve written such opposing views, when they both write about the same incidences (their father abusing the boys physically, emotionally, mentally & financially, for instance), it’s all the more powerful & gives you a much clearer picture of what happened.

    It’s all just so terribly sad… the poor guy never even stood a chance! Have you seen the age progression photos of what he could’ve looked like without surgery? They always make me cry because he would’ve been so good looking, yet all that surgery was done just so he wouldn’t look like his abusive father 😦

  4. Aria Says:

    I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard about it. He was really a gentle soul.

    I’m disgusted by how much Joe has ultimately been rewarded for his abuse. He’ll go to his grave thinking he did right by senselessly beating kids, especially when they hadn’t done anything wrong.

    Most of the surgeries started after the Pepsi commercial fiasco where he was burned. Prior to that, and even for a while after, hot damn, he was HOT! But every time I saw him in interviews, hot or not, I wanted to hug him. It’s a double standard – if a woman has a ton of surgery and gets big boobs and looks “sexy” after it, then it’s okay and was something she did to feel better about herself. When he did it, because he didn’t end up looking in a way typically considered good-looking, he was wrong and horrible for it, and why didn’t he just embrace how he looked before. I hate double standards.

  5. xyneshia Says:

    “They always make me cry because he would’ve been so good looking, yet all that surgery was done just so he wouldn’t look like his abusive father ” I had never considered that. I know that my opinion is not a popular one but I don’t think plastic surgery is any one elses buisiness, I guess you could say “my body my choice” and for once I would agree. A good friend of mine who passed about 8 years ago said she heard him say in an interview that he wanted to look some a very famous popular woman and that is why he has had had surgery. I cannot remember the name of the actress now. As far as skin lightening and hair straightening, I feel the same way–no body elses buisiness. I think he claimed it was albinism or some similiar disease so that people would leave him the frack alone about it. I know white people that spend hours every single week rubbing lotions into their skin and then lay naked in a tanning bed (can you say cancer) nobody gives them crap about making themselves permanently darker, and rightfully so. Likewise nobody should have given him crap about wanting to be lighter. Why should it matter? He was generous and kind, soft spoken and had a good heart, I do not think he had a racist bone in his body—-the fact that he chose to alter his appearance does not change any of that. Obviously nobody here seems to be judging him but I have seen shows, even documentaries and magazine articles about all this. Crazy. Of all the things we should care about. It is an interesting thought though, that maybe he didn’t want to resemble the man who hurt him for years. Stepping off my high horse again, for now, lol

  6. jewelssparkles Says:

    Aria, I agree! Even though the abuse is thoroughly out & well known, he’s never suffered any consequences! He still got rich & he raised a family of successful, famous kids… & even his grandkids were famous at one point – remember the band 3T from the mid 90s (still famous in the Netherlands now, apparently)? They’re Michael’s nephews! So from his point of view (& probably that of his friends), he’s a very successful father. It’s absolutely sickening!

    I thought he was still a hottie until around 2000 (when he started looking more like a piece of plastic & less like the beautiful soul he is/was). I’m the same as you, I always just wanted to give him a hug, because he clearly needed it. I feel the same about anyone who had plastic surgery… sure if it’s something that’s affecting your life for the worse (eg: large breasts causing backache), then that’s fine & if it’s just one or two things about yourself that you want to change, then who am I to judge? It’s when people start having surgery after surgery after surgery that’s when it’s clear that something much deeper is very, very wrong.

    Xyneshia, his autobiography says that the reason he got his first nose job (& the reason he continued with further nose jobs, the chin cleft, etc) was a combination of people telling him he looked like his dad & his dad picking on him for having a big nose.

    The skin whitening was caused partly by his Vitiligo (which my mum also had, though her case was quite mild), partly by the treatments for Vitiligo, partly by the fact that his Vitiligo & Lupus made him sensitive to sunlight & partly by the pale makeup he wore to even out his skin tone (Vitiligo is very blotchy). So his paleness wasn’t really deliberate.

    “He was generous and kind, soft spoken and had a good heart, I do not think he had a racist bone in his body—-the fact that he chose to alter his appearance does not change any of that” Agreed 100%!

    My favourite quote of his regarding the media (aside from his songs “Tabloid Junkie” & “Privacy” for example) is:

    “Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, ‘I’m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight,’ people would say, ‘Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He’s cracked up. You can’t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.'”

  7. Aria Says:

    OMG, Julia, Joe Jackson has custody of the grandkids right now with his wife. WTF? So after his long history of extreme abuse, he’s now got custody of more kids? I entirely believe the abuse because he actually praised that movie about the Jackson family that had so much abuse. He’s non-apologetic and has never contested any abuse claims against him.

    And now he’s got the kids and is trying to claim the rights to Michael’s estate.

    I really hope there’s a hell. If he’s not punished in this life, and has instead been rewarded beyond the wildest dreams anyone could have, he should be punished in death for what he’s done.

  8. jewelssparkles Says:

    Ugh! At least Katherine’s there to protect them (according to everything I can find the family all adore her & say she always protected them whenever she knew about any abuse), though I’m pretty sure she copped abuse from Joe too… WHY IS SHE STILL WITH HIM?

    We can only hope that Joe is satisfied with what he’s already done & that he won’t try to pressure these kids too… God I hope one of Michael’s siblings (preferably one of the more well-adjusted ones… ie: not LaToya) gets the kids after this. I don’t doubt that Katherine Jackson is a lovely woman, I just don’t believe Joe Jackson should be allowed near anyone ever (unless it’s a prison guard, then that’s fine).

    Have you noticed how even though Joe is doing the talking to the media, Katherine is the one petitioning to get the kids & take charge of the estate (& has been listed as the sole person with custody, so technically, though they live with Joe as well, he has no legal power over them)? I’m absolutely certain that is because both of them know that no judge in their right mind would grant custody of ANY child to Joe. I’m pretty sure that’s also why custody is taking so long, because Debbie Rowe has never been in their lives (& never acted like they were hers any more than any other surrogate mother would), so if Joe weren’t in the picture, the obvious action would be to give the kids to Katherine. They haven’t done an official ruling because Joe’s still around & they know what he’s done in the past.

  9. xyneshia Says:

    What upsets me about the custody issue, so far, is these jerk off legal experts talking about surrogates and sperm donors coming forward to claim the kids! Idiots! being a sperm donor and a daddy are two way different things! Arg! same thing with a surrogate and a mum!!!!!!! I could go on about that forever. It is my understanding that a few things have happened: (please fill in any holes in what I have heard and read)

    1) All of his kids have God-Parents. Michael was a Muslim for about 10 years leading up to his death. God parents are just as important, maybe more so, to Muslims than to Catholics and in the event of death the God parent would generally raise the child. (yeah i think muslims use a different phrase, not god parent, just cannot think of what it may be right now)

    2) Debbie Rowe sold (yup sold) her parental rights twice. So she gave up the kids……..catch: it is illegal to sell your parental rights SO she maybe able to have them reinstated BUT she only gave birth to two of the three kids so they would be split up if some crazy ass judge gave her custody. IMHO I think Jackson hired her as a surrogate and married her so that he wouldn’t get a bunch of shit about hiring a surrogate. Totally my opinion I could be 100% wrong but it makes sense to me.

    3) At some point a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away Janet agreed to care for his kids in the event that he was no longer able to or passed away. Certainly then she needs to be considered as much as the God parents.

    4) Jacksons sweet old mum is 79, when the youngest comes of age she will be 90…….assuming she is still alive at 90. I know she loves her grandkids and is willing to take on the role but really, that role should go to someone else NOT TO MENTION if she has those kids ol’ Joe will beat on them like he beat on his own.

    That’s my two cents 🙂

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