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Sadness – kitten died June 21, 2009

Filed under: Off topic — Aria @ 1:08 pm

1:45pm: One of the little girl kittens died. I saw at about 12:30 she wasn’t doing so well, was cold, stuffed up, and wouldn’t eat, so I warmed her up and tried to unstuff her, but she didn’t make it. She died while I was holding her. Tomorrow is four weeks since Yoda went too. She was 11 days old, and he was almost 24 years old.

Also, before anyone asks, getting to an emergency vet on a Sunday is impossible when the one bus near you doesn’t run on Sundays and your fiance has the debit card with him.


2 Responses to “Sadness – kitten died”

  1. christinaohio Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your kitten. 😦 When our outdoor girls had kittens in 2000 out of a total of 10 we only ended up with 7 after 5 weeks. Both girls were strays that we had fixed once the kittens were weaned and then had all 5 females kitten fixed so no more kittens!

  2. Aria Says:

    When we got Star, she was supposed to have been spayed already. They lied to us. Star didn’t show the signs of a cat in heat, like the annoying meow. She’s always affectionate anyway, so that’s not a sign for her. Definitely last thing we would have wanted it kittens when we’re still trying to move. They’ll be moving with us, if we do, because they won’t be old enough to leave for quite a while. As soon as it’s safe for Star and the kittens, she’s getting a female-snip.

    This morning all five of the kittens were just fine, moving strong, so this came on so suddenly. I’m checking on the rest quite frequently right now, watching for the slightest indication that any of them are sick too.

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