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Anatomy scan, but still no gender scan? GRRRAGRRR!! >:( June 19, 2009

Filed under: Prenatal appointments — Aria @ 3:41 pm

Well, I had to tell a lie about being out of town for a few weeks to get it sooner than the very end of July! The point of the scan is physical abnormalities and such, but gender isn’t a part of it. “Well, the tech might get the chance to see something…”, but the tech can’t say anything for this scan as there won’t be a doctor present at this time to back up what the tech says. So even if the tech can tell, I don’t get to know?! I’m pissed. When I went in yesterday, the resident doctor I saw wouldn’t even go near gender.

FFS, this is the ONE thing about this pregnancy that might get to be normal for me, finding out the official prediction on gender and it feels like they’ve decided it absolutely doesn’t matter, so I don’t get to know. I shouldn’t be having to twist arms, and then to still be told no, that’s not what a scan is for, and I’ve had NO Luck getting a scan to find out the gender.

I want to get to look forward to SOMETHING, you know? I find out yesterday they’re concerned I could die during delivery, so at least let me have the gender and gender-specific planning to look forward to if I’m now afraid to think about the future.

I’m looking into paying for a 3D/4D ultrasound to find out. I want this ONE normal part of pregnancy!! I feel it’s a girl, but want to know.

So now net Friday I have an appointment at the cancer center, which is the advanced condition center, with a GI colorectal surgeon team, an OB appointment on I think the 8th, and then the anatomy scan on the 10th, and then whenever I can get in somewhere for a 3D/4D scan. Hopefully I won’t need my doctor’s approval. For some reason I don’t think I’d get it.

Anyone complaining about only getting appointments just once a month are more than welcome to trade places with me. I just want a nice, normal, boring pregnancy where there’s no reason to see a doctor every couple weeks, averaging actually about weekly. More if you consider days where I have two or three appointments in the same day.

I just want this one normal thing.


5 Responses to “Anatomy scan, but still no gender scan? GRRRAGRRR!! >:(”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    A lot of crisis pregnancy centers will give free ultrasounds. Look under “abortion alternatives” in your local phone book. Call and ask and I bet you will find one. There are a couple here that do, so worst case you could go to one here when you are visiting in a couple months. Also, you can get a gender prediction kit at wal greens for about $35.00. Avoid sex for three days before. They are 90 percent accurate which is about the same as the ultrasound. BTW, if you do go to a crisis pregnancy center wait till about 20 weeks so that the baby’s genitals will be very easy for the tech to see. Before that can be a little tricky just because the baby is so small. I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I would gladly trade places with you if possible, yes I mean that.

  2. christinaohio Says:

    California hasn’t passed any gender laws about untrasounds lately have they? I know some states were getting concerned over certain ethnic groups wanting to know to make sure they were having boys and not unwanted girls.

  3. Aria Says:

    It’s just when a pregnancy is so high risk, the tech is even more limited in what can be said. The first time I had a tech-only, all she could say was, “There’s the baby.” Nothing else. Hell would break loose is California passed a law restricting revealing the gender. Not meaning to sound racist or anything, but there has been a major influx of people here from cultures where boys are wanted and not girls. During one of the IVF classes we had to go to, there were people who wanted to know how they could pick to make sure they had boys, and the doctor told them that this is only done to prevent passing a hereditary illness that only goes to one gender, and these people got pissed because they wanted a boy, dammit! So they left.

    Rach, I know you would, but you had a hard enough time too getting pregnant. The only people who should have to go through this are people who don’t care. Then maybe they’ll appreciate the baby at the end. the Intelligender test (which I’ve studied quite in depth out of boredom, even looking up patents) has no medical backing. it’s based on the theory that more acidic urine is a girl and more alkaline is a boy. The pH test strips for a pool are the same thing. I’m going through the myths one by one for the hell of it, and so far Intelligender, which I will not take as fact, said girl. If I can get my hands on pH strips, I’ll try those, and I’m getting Crystal Draino today (will do it outside and run inside to watch). So far the Chinese prediction chart also said girl.

  4. psychohist Says:

    For what it’s worth, we didn’t know until the baby was born, either. One tech had a guess early on, but the doctor said, “keep your receipts”, and later, no one could tell because of the baby’s position.

    We did buy some gender neutral stuff. Margaret started out with a lot of yellow and green clothes.

  5. xyneshia Says:

    What is the crystal draino myth? I haven’t heard of that one yet.

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