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16 weeks pregnant…still no bump June 17, 2009

Filed under: Pictures - Tummy — Aria @ 7:51 pm

I don’t care that it’s supposed to be normal to not be showing yet. But seeing pictures of people with very noticeable bumps at 16 weeks and even weeks sooner makes me feel like crying. It worries me to not be showing AT ALL. No joke.

I’m not sucking it in either. THIS is sucking it in (face cropped because Cody has this odd ability to get pictures of me making weird faces):

If I didn’t have an appointment ten hours from now, I’d be calling my doctor in the morning begging to be seen. This is just ridiculous.

My weight has hardly changed. I was 135.2 this morning, and these pictures were taken withing two hours of eating three grilled cheese sandwiches, a double-decker chicken salad sandwich, a double-decker peanut butter sandwich, a bunch of homemade chicken nuggets, AND four homemade donuts.

WHY AM I NOT SHOWING?! I’m so worried.


3 Responses to “16 weeks pregnant…still no bump”

  1. hayeswoods Says:

    I didn’t gain hardly any weight my entire pregnancy–18 pounds total. My midwife told me that it was normal for thin people to continue to be thin even during pregnancy.

    I was showing a lot by now though; but I had no room for anything. You’ve already said that your doctor said you wouldn’t show for awhile due to all the surgery; I’m sure it’s that. For what it’s worth I can see a difference in this week’s picture that I couldn’t see before. You have a little bump now.

  2. xyneshia Says:

    I feel sad for you I know how bad you want that bump. Do you see any bump at all in the shower? I showed naked way before I showed with pants on. Please try not to worry too much. by the start of your second trimester I think they want you to have put on 6 pounds and you have only put on two? It sounds like you are getting all the calories you need. I am supposed to get 2200 calories per day and for the life of me cannot get more than 1700, which is probably why I have lost about 11 pounds. Maybe you have an uber fast metabolism and need more than what your doctor recommended? You should bring that up to her.

  3. psychohist Says:

    I think most people who are “showing” early on are really just showing fat from eating more, which a lot of people do just to be safe. I’m a little surprised you didn’t gain weight from the progesterone shots, though.

    Are you getting an ultrasound at your doctor’s appointment? That should provide some reassurance.

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