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Sickening June 14, 2009

Filed under: Ugh — Aria @ 3:26 pm

New Late-Abortion Clinic to Open in Kansas

Later-term. As in THIRD TRIMESTER. Viable. Able to live outside the woman’s body, sometimes with the temporary aid of equipment found in any hospital, sometimes without any help, and even go on to completely normal, completely-abled lives. Oh for fuck’s sake, at that point it’s an induced delivery, so WHY the hell KILL the baby? To show how “hardcore” someone is about abortion? Just deliver it and adopt it. It’s got to come out for an abortion of delivery, so really, why the fucking hell kill it on the way? Pure selfishness, that’s why. “I don’t want it, but no one else can have it either, so I’ll just kill it.” People like this disgust me and are some of the lowest forms of life.

I thought abortion of fully viable babies was illegal. But I’m not finding anything saying third-trimester, which is approaching and including full-term, is actually illegal in all states. Slippery slope – if a woman wants to abort at 38 weeks and goes into labor before she gets to the baby-death-place and delivers, can she kill the baby since she was going to abort it anyway? How long before that defense is tried?


7 Responses to “Sickening”

  1. kam0520 Says:

    HOW is that not murder? Not in any spiritual sense, in common sense by the law? When these people throw their babies away they get charged with murder…it’s the SAME FUCKING THING

  2. Aria Says:

    Agreed. The only “difference” is that the murder happens right before it’s born. But is a woman goes into labor and delivers in a bathroom at six months and doesn’t get help, it’s murder. So I don’t understand how killing a baby later in the third trimester right before it comes out, or as it’s coming out, somehow is legally in the clear.

    I’ve been in many debates over whether or not late-term abortions mean up to delivery. I’ve said it does, and pro-abortionists/choicers have been saying it doesn’t happen after five or six months. Well, here’s a doctor who openly will do THIRD-trimester abortions. I’ve got a friend who was born shortly before the third trimester, and she’s a normal, bright young woman. Scary thought that any doctor is being called a “hero” for doing abortions in the third trimester when with the technology in 1981, babies were able to live full, normal lives born as early as the end of the second trimester. THIS IS VIABLE, AND IT IS MURDER.

    But they’re babies, so I guess they don’t matter.

  3. xyneshia Says:

    “Agreed. The only “difference” is that the murder happens right before it’s born.”

    Actually in live birth abortions “fetal demise” happens between 30 minutes and 8 hours after delivery of the baby and is only performed LATER than 20 weeks.

    The born alive infants act would have made it illegal to kill babies born alive in abortions–even NARAL backed it but the prez does not and it is not law. As a matter of fact, the Freedom of Choice Act he signed right after taking office removed every restriction that states had on abortion and all federal too.

  4. hawther Says:

    People are not aborting in the 3rd trimester because they just don’t want the baby.
    These are situations where the baby has very little chance of living (or having any sort of life anyway) outside the womb due to defects or genetic conditions. Babies developing without most of their heart or other vital organs, with malformed skulls, skeletal defects, etc. These babies will be unlikely to survive birth, and if they do it will be a short and painful existence. They were planned, wanted, and loved.
    As you know, birth is dangerous. Why should a woman have to put herself in danger just to birth a dead or dying baby? Doesn’t it make more sense to humanely euthanize the fetus?
    In an ideal world, these procedures wouldn’t be needed. Genetic screening will improve; more biomarkers for some of the more fatal non-congenital conditions will be discovered. But right now, there is a need for this.

    I think this article will be an interesting read for you.

  5. Aria Says:

    Hawther, no, not all third-term abortions are because the babies will die due to defects and such. Not all. From my rather-extensive research, most third trimester abortions are due to regret or the relationship with the father ending.

  6. xyneshia Says:

    I have also researched this, and most abortions, no matter how late they happen are NOT the result of major deformations of the child. Even if they were, a disabled child has as much value as any other person and nobody has the right to kill them. Morally speaking of course. Obviously a person can kill a child legally.

  7. christinaohio Says:

    Yes late term is illegal in 38 states but still legal in 12. It does happen too often when there is nothing wrong with the baby other than Mommy is depressed. Who isn’t depressed in the final weeks when it gets hard to move and nothing fits anymore? I just don’t understand why anyone would take the word that something is seriously wrong when the first thing they tell you is that the tests are highly flawed? How they think killing it in vitro is somehow better than letting nature take it’s course? It isn’t and often the Doctor’s are wrong. Besides when did it become ok to be just like Nazi’s and kill those who aren’t perfect? The Supreme Court said for 100 years it was ok to own other humans, someday they will also see the light on abortion and call it what it is…. murder.

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