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14 full weeks pregnant June 3, 2009

Filed under: Pictures - Tummy — Aria @ 10:58 pm

The doggie to the left is Luthien, and the one on the right if her momma, Emma.

I was 132.8 this morning, and this pic was taken after I had finished eating half a three-meat pizza and a couple tall glasses of milk. Mmmmmm! I was 133.6 about a minute before taking this, but I’m taking my weekly weight in the morning. I want a bump, not a flat tummy. 😦


4 Responses to “14 full weeks pregnant”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    First of all, I still cannot get over how much you lost! You are a hot mama, if I was a lesbian I would soooo hit on you. Maybe it is my imagination, but your tummy looks a little pouchy compared to last photo. can you post a side by side? If you can that would be awesome.

  2. Aria Says:

    LOL, I do get hit on by lesbians! πŸ™‚ I think I told you how I lost a large chunk of the weight? By no means I’d advocate. I replaced meals with six ephedra, 18 a day, threw up what I ate on the times I did eat, and then spent two or three hours a day at the track, as well as between six and ten ballet classes per week. In retrospect I don’t regret it because I lived through it and am healthier now than having hundreds of pounds of extra weight, but I would absolutely not recommend anyone else do the same thing.

    I just realized I didn’t post my 13-week picture here!

  3. xyneshia Says:

    Now PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to post your photo tomorow. I am looking forward to seeing it!

  4. Aria Says:

    I won’t forget. πŸ™‚

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