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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Well… May 30, 2009

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…the arraignment is in July. The guy’s getting hit with a misdemeanor. The bank will also be going to court as defendants. The screwed with the account and put someone else on the loan without consent.

It can still take several months to get the car back. At this point, we don’t want it. Not now. I’m not going to get into what we’ve got planned. If we take it to court versus getting them to accept our deal, the less available publicly (public as in beyond my control who can read it, like this entry), the better, for the time being.

We are really lucky though. This isn’t the end of the world for us. In fact, we’ve got a spare care. Sure, it can’t be legally driven without a new motor because a piston is blown and it can’t pass smog and be registered, this the cost of this is certainly a lot less than buying a whole care. It’s a loaded Sebring convertible that gets great gas mileage, and it’s actually a nice car. I feel rich in that we have a car that’s just been siting there collecting dust. If this is our idea of having it hard for a while, we know we’re very fortunate. I’ve certainly seen harder times in my life (you don’t get more rock bottom than homelessness, where I’ve been), and we know there are many others who are having it much tougher, for whom a dispute over a car can mean the difference between getting to work and paying rent, or ending up on the streets. So this really is only a moderate inconvenience, even if it’s a major annoyance.

I think I’ve got a ride to the doctor on Monday. I lost a pound and a half between yesterday and today. I need to have that testing done. Other than this, it’s uncomfortable to put pressure on my abdomen. It feels more full. Baby’s growing!

Star’s also going to be due soon. We can feel her kittens squirming around, and she’s as big as a cat-house. Right now she’s got my right arm pinned underneath her. She’s showing remarkable little discomfort, and we like to think that’s because we treat her so well that the comfort she gets outweighs any discomfort. We are completely willing to keep as many kittens as we must. They will NOT end up in homes we fear may throw them in shelters later, even if this means we keep them all. We’ve got a zoo already, but we’re also dedicated.

Yoda hasn’t been found. Long story short, we know what happened. We want his body so we can cremate him. We’re still looking, and have accepted we might not find him. Sad as we are, a ton of tears haven’t been shed. He’s not uncomfortable, and we love him enough to want his comfort over wanting him to be uncomfortable to be alive with us. While we miss him, we even are happier for him to be resting and at peace. He matters more than our wants for ourselves.


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