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ARGH! May 29, 2009

Filed under: Ugh — Aria @ 4:44 am

Interesting how someone can break into your locked garage, take your car from the garage, admit to police he didn’t have permission to be there, and all the can charge him with is trespassing and getting the car or your personal possessions back is a civil matter.  Sense this does not make.

So now we are car-less and I can’t get to a very important medical test today.   It’s 5:42am after a long night and me making a citizen’s arrest at the police officer’s suggestion per the sargeant, so I’ll have to update on the appointment tomorrow.  It’s not like I can get anywhere until we get this into court, and so now it can be months before we can get our car back because it’s a civil matter.

Oh, and ther arraigment of the guy who broke in is in July, but it can take longer than that for us to get our car back!!  And our uktrasound pictures are in there.

By the way, never use Wachovia Bank.  Ever.  It’s complicated, but they are actually at fault, and the police have it documented.  It doesn’t help that they put his ex back on the loan without anyone’s consent.  Not that the problem is her – we love her to pieces.  But they had no legal right to put her on a loan without her permission.

I really didn’t need any of this.


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