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More on Yoda May 24, 2009

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I don’t think it’s possible to find a cat more well-loved than Yoda, or well-traveled! Because he’s as old as he is and needs lots of attention and we have to closely monitor him for weight-loss, our trip to Santa Barbara a month or so ago would have been canceled if we couldn’t take him with us. Trips can be re-planned. Yoda can’t be replaced.

In 2007 he got very sick as well (he’s old!), and wandered off for two weeks, and when he came back, it was like he had a new life in him. It was amazing. Right before that, before he wandered off that time, I got this picture of him with Emma. In case you can’t tell, our animals are cuddle-whore. They get so many hugs and spend so much time in our laps (even the girls, who are in the area of 50 pounds each!!), that it’s natural for a cat and a dog to cuddle up and sleep. They learned it from us, have an expectation of it, and so are extremely affectionate with each other. I love this sooooo much.

I’m hoping my stomach settles soon so I ca go do some searching. Even if he’s died, we want to find him. Our plan is to have him cremated and, because there’s no location special to him due to all the moving we’ve done, his place is with us. We want to keep his ashes and, when we go, have him still kept with us and buried with us. No where else is fitting for him, and the thought of him being thrown out in garbage or his ashes scattered somewhere meaningless just makes me see red. He deserves so much better than that!! It’s the least I can do for him, and it’s nowhere near as much as he’s done for me on our years together.


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  1. materix01 Says:

    I do hope you find him soon.

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