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*head desk* May 19, 2009

Filed under: Off topic — Aria @ 12:29 pm

This is a bit off-topic, but it’s frustrating, nonetheless. Our cat was supposed to have been spayed before we got her. Never has there been any indication she wasn’t. At all. Ever. Only last Friday, all of a sudden, she starts popping a belly. It’s firm, but not rock-hard. Under her nipples it feels like she’s getting kitty boobs. She’s not in any discomfort and still jumps and plays. Her nipples aren’t getting pink at all as every website on pregnant cats has said. She’s never exhibited any signs of heat. She’s always got a ravenous appetite and is extremely affectionate as it is, so it’s no help that websites say these are signs. Star being Star isn’t a sign to work with. The vet says NOW that she might not have been spayed after all, and an e-spay can be done now after an ultrasound. the ultrasound will be about $300 on top of the visit fee, $55, and an e-spay would run about $600, though no slots are open for about three weeks. We obviously don’t want to put her through surgery if she is spayed, but if she couldn’t even get in until three weeks from now, and she’d probably have the kittens by then if she is pregnant, then we don’t want to spend $355 on appointment and ultrasound that would, in the end, be pointless. I’ve got a call in with the local SPCA as well, though it can take a while to hear back from them.

We really don’t need kittens, especially right now. However, if there are kittens, we’re going to do right by them. Keeping them with mom until at least 12 weeks (kittens really are NOT supposed to leave at 7 or 8 weeks, like is so often seen), screening the hell out of homes, spay/neuter contracts, willing to take back any cat forever if the homes, for any reason, can’t keep them, etc..

This just really isn’t what we need right now.


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  1. We had a cat that had fake pregnancies just like dogs can have, She did it twice to us. The first time we assumed she’s lost the kittens while we were away and cleaned the mess herself. The second time we were sure there was no way she had come in contact with an intact male and had her scanned while she had a belly. The vet said he’s never seen anything lke it before she had all of the symptoms but all of the sacks she’d developed were empty. If I were you I’d just wait a few weeks and see what happens. If she has kittens fine, if not a regular spay job will be a lot less without all of the extras.

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