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Ugh May 16, 2009

Filed under: Ugh — Aria @ 1:32 pm

I swear, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d think something was wrong with me. I have less than no energy. I went to the store and nearly passed out a few times. My blood sugar keeps plummeting, and I’m actually eating. Only about half of what I eat comes back up, but when I’ll eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting, this isn’t so bad. I am living with constant mild migraines (what an oxymoron that is). It’s only 90 today, but I feel like I’m cooking alive. I just now went to the dryer since one of our cats is in it, to see what she’s doing, and that minor exertion has my heart racing.

I’ve eaten an entire box of Swiss Cake Rolls (270 calories per pack times six packs in the box), a bunch of chocolate chip cookies (300 calories), a thing of Starburst (240 calories), and have drank a few diet cream sodas (no calories) and a bunch of cranberry-strawberry juice (110 calories per 8 ounces times four cups) today. 2,600 calories, and there are 3,500 in a pound. And yet I only weigh .2 of a pound more than this morning. This is how fast I’m burning through sugar. All of this has stayed down.

I still need to post my 11-week non-bump pic, but can’t be bothered to offload it and upload it. I just want to do nothing but eat (which makes me throw up), lay on the bed naked with the fan pointed on me (maybe I shouldn’t be wearing jeans right now), and sleep (this insomnia is driving me nuts).

At no point did I every expect pregnancy to be a breeze, so while I’m complaining, I’m also pretty glad for it. I’d rather feel like I do now for the full nine months and have a healthy baby than to be a ball of energy feeling fantastic, but only dreaming of parenthood.


One Response to “Ugh”

  1. psychohist Says:

    For what it’s worth, one piece of advice I’ve heard from several people who have been through it is to have protein frequently, even if in small amounts. They say that helps to keep the food down.

    Unfortunately, once the “feeling extra hot” starts, I think that lasts to the end of the pregnancy. As you say, the silver lining is that it means your body is still working on that baby!

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