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Quickie wedding update May 8, 2009

Filed under: General thoughts — Aria @ 8:15 pm

We might have found a venue. But now we might not. There are two places, one which we weren’t yet sure if we could use, but it might not matter because it’s at risk of burning down. Our ceremony location will likely be changed too.

Santa Barbara is in flames, a bunch of people we know have been evacuated, one of their homes was in the direct line of where houses are burning and so many be gone, and there’s no way right now we’re going to worry about getting down there to see the other venue that we were starting to plan a brief trip to see. So this isn’t at the top of our priority list right now. We’re a good bit more concerned about friends and family still having places to live after the fires are over. If we go down right now, it would be to offer what support we could.

It’s a firestorm now. Burning debris floating on the wind and landing in other areas further away, igniting more fires, like a literal rain of fire, thanks to the fire creating its very own wind system. It has burned almost SIX times the acreage of the Oakland Hills firestorm in 1991 (that one was terrifying – we weren’t too far from it and it was hard to sleep those three days), though no where near as many homes have burned yet. Some places we like a lot have suffered considerable damage or have been burned down.

Santa Barbara is used to fires, but not within the city like this.


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