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Why I have no bump…and LOTS OF BABY PICS!!! May 7, 2009

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The doctor said I likely won’t show for a while because all the scar tissue I have will hold me in for a while still. Okay, I won’t complain then!

Baby’s heart rate is still 177, same as last week, and was one on the strongest she’d heard. So YAY!! Baby measures 36mm, and was she (we think it’s a she) was so ACTIVE! I was shocked. Just moving all around like a little acrobat!!

Look, you can see FINGERS!!!

And more hand-sucking:

Here’s Baby waving at us.

And playing acrobat.

Look, legs and feet!!

Toward the end, hand back in mouth. That’s not a little sac between the legs, but part of the umbilical cord, which was easy to see in motion.

Starting to settle down.


Heart rate (177):

Length (36mm):

And now…off to this afternoon’s OB appointment!


6 Responses to “Why I have no bump…and LOTS OF BABY PICS!!!”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    oh how beautiful! if that little section of your uterus by the baby’s left shoulder is the “horn” on your uterus, I think you are going to be fine, that is really minimal! she looks great. sucking her thumb is just soooo cute!

  2. midwife55 Says:

    you don’t make sense and neither does your doctor’s explanation…

    you don’t start showing as soon as you become pregnant. your fetus is the size of a plum. most don’t start showing until second trimester, which is week 14. Even then, there are so many variables that may don’t even start showing exactly that week.

    i have witnessed many pregnancies where women don’t even show until their 4th or 5th month of being pregnant. others, they begin showing right away because they have multiples or are on their second or third pregnancy. you sound very uneducated in this “no bump” process and i don’t understand why. i found your blog through pregnancy search, as I enjoy reading pregnancy blogs. however, there is something very off here. I’m very confused by your entries.

    i also wanted to say I’m sorry for the loss of your one fetus.

  3. Aria Says:

    You don’t know my medical history in the same depth my doctor does. Your condescending attitude isn’t appreciated. If you’re a medical person, as your handle makes you out to be, then you’d know that there is often more to medical history than what you can read in a few entries.

  4. midwife55 Says:

    obviously I don’t know your medical history in the same depth as your medical doctor, but you sure have shared quite an in depth history as it is in just this blog alone that contradicts medical science when it comes to pregnancy.

    I am saying that this explanation right here of “The doctor said I likely won’t show for a while because all the scar tissue I have will hold me in for a while still” does not make any sense whatsoever. Scar tissue would not “hold you back” from showing. If you had that much scar tissue on your uterus, than I truly worry for the state of your placenta growth and attachment and carrying this fetus to term.

    And why isn’t your name on the ultrasound photos (I can tell it’s blackened out) yet it is all over your blog? Is this a pregnancy blog? Please tell me the truth because I like to follow & read real ones as I’ve stumbled across fake ones before. I feel like I’ve stumbled across something very odd.

    If this isn’t a fake pregnancy, I hope you begin to inform yourself of pregnancy, it’s stages, what to expect, especially with the complications you’ve mentioned. I wish you the best in your journey.

  5. Aria Says:

    Muscles that haven’t been stretched to accommodate a baby are tighter, and so it can take a while longer to show. Same with certain placements of scar tissue. It can take a little longer for these things to stretch. As someone who doesn’t know me, you are not in a position to try declaring something to be contradictory to medical science. A midwife isn’t a doctor. Me being alive contradicts medical science. I should not be alive. But here I am. Medical science isn’t absolute law. I realize I am an unusual case. Should this mean I have no right to be a mother? Should I go hide in a cave because people like me can’t possibly be? Should I be ashamed of what my body has been through, and therefore shut up about it and paint a false mental picture of rainbows and unicorns with nary a storm cloud in the sky?

    I know the risks there are for me being pregnant. I knew the risks going into this. I know there is only a 67% chance of this baby being born alive. I understand I have a higher risk of early delivery. I do not qualify to adopt because of my medical history, the same crap that ultimately rendered me infertile. Surrogacy is not out of the question for the future, and we have two people we highly trust who are willing. However, for myself, I must try all I can first. It’s interesting that you think that because I wish I had a bump, some visual proof aside from an ultrasound on a screen, that I must know nothing about the stages of pregnancy and what to expect. It is not wrong nor stupid to wish I could look at my own body and see the evidence of pregnancy aside from my boobs inflating. It is not stupid nor ignorant to wish I could see something in my abdomen that would make me feel more confident that this pregnancy is progressing all right, especially with my history of losses.

    My fiancé and I both link to the same images from the same photobucket account. My name isn’t all over his blog. We do not yet have the same last name. There are a few people he knows who don’t know we aren’t married yet, and we don’t feel like dealing with judgment right now.

    I don’t care if you wonder if this is a fake pregnancy. You are a stranger, and I am the one who’s been stabbed with dozens of needles for multiple IVF cycles. You will never meet me or my child. I’m the one who has been going to all these appointments, and my friends and family know that I am pregnant. They, the ones who love me, my fiancé, and this remaining baby, are the only ones who ultimately matter. I really couldn’t care less what the rest of this world full of strangers thinks. I could be at eight months, have the pictures week by week (the pic from Wednesday is the first), and still there will be those who say I stuffed my stomach with air or something. So?

  6. xyneshia Says:

    I would not post my real, full name on the internet either.

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