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I saw my regular RE doctor April 30, 2009

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Talk about a day for emergencies. The ER was packed, and then Dr. Baker was running behind too. Understandable – someone was found to have an ectopic in her office this morning as well as someone miscarrying in the office. And my own appointment was made last minute, so probably pushed things even further behind.

My RE doctor does NOT agree with the ER doctor. Adamantly. She saw nothing at all to indicate an elevated chance of losing this one over the chance of miscarrying otherwise, certainly not as high as 50%, as the ER doc said. When I left the ER, it was with information about threatened miscarriage and very little information otherwise. When I left Dr. Baker’s office, it was with a couple more ultrasound pictures, and I swear the baby waved on the screen. Yeah, little arms and legs moving about and facial features starting to be noticeable.

The sac is firmly attached all around, and the yolk sac is right at the size it should be. The crown-rump measurement is 24.5mm, and the heartbeat is 172bpm.

The sac for the other looks as if it is detaching a bit, with some of it being absorbed by my body, but there is the chance of some of it passing. This detaching, she said, could be part, if not most, of what’s causing the cramping and spotting, and it could get heavier if the sac passes instead of being absorbed. She said though that if it was the other one, that it would be easily noticeable as a baby. The first one I lost, back in March 1999, was easily identified as a human baby too, and that is something no one should ever have to see.

When Cody gets home tonight (poor thing was up all night in the ER with me after getting home from work at 10, and was scheduled to be in at 8:45 this morning, though his boss obviously made an exception, but he was still in by 10:30 or so, so no sleep) he’ll scan the pictures from today, and I’ll post them. I swear the baby waved. I didn’t even say anything thinking it was in my head, but the doctor herself waved back and said, “Hi, Baby!” That was sweet. I’ll go back next week.


4 Responses to “I saw my regular RE doctor”

  1. xyneshia Says:


  2. kam0520 Says:

    Oh thank God!! Finally some good news!!! I am still praying for you and Cody to find strength in this extreamly hard time that no one but yourselves are able to understand. I just hope you find the strength to continue, I can’t imagine how hard this is, but, you are strong, you’ve been through so much.

  3. There is another lady I know online who had both of her kids through IVF. Her pregnancy started out as twins but ended up as only a single so it is very possible to still get through it and still have a healthy baby.I can’t wait to see the little guy wave. 🙂

  4. That should be second pregnancy.

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