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Today’s ultrasound…didn’t happen April 29, 2009

Filed under: Frustrations — Aria @ 4:56 pm

I got down there on time, but it isn’t where I normally go. So I had no idea there was a $6-fee to park. Cash. I had $2 and some change on me. The OB nurse didn’t tell me that where she was sending me for the ultrasound had a fee to park. If she had informed me, I could have had some cash on me. Instead I got there and had to turn around and leave.

Now know nothing about what’s going on with the remaining baby, and you can bet I’m sick with worry. I don’t know if it’s still alive or if it’s dead.

I’ve had to wait a few hours to calm down so I didn’t write my most-expletive-filled post to date.

So now the new ultrasound appointment is at 10am on Friday. I am not happy about waiting some more.

Also I am increasingly unhappy with living in this area. Only Cody’s awesome co-workers and a few other people prevent me from hating everything about this over-priced, overly-busy area. I can’t wait until we’ve moved and I can have a sewing room again, and either a nursery or a guest room. Best of all, it’ll be to a slower area where the weather is always nice and it’s perfectly acceptable to relax for a day on a hammock instead of that being considered time wasted. And I love Cody’s parents and their SOs, and so would be thrilled to get to see them all more. And one of my aunts isn’t too far from there, and when I was growing up, she was my absolute favorite relative. I don’t know why, but she was, and I once threw a fit on a plane to sit by her. I really can’t wait to move.


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