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I am SO LIVID!! Pregnancy discrimination? April 26, 2009

Filed under: Frustrations — Aria @ 7:38 pm

I am pregnant (of courses), which pretty much anyone knows is taxing on the body and can run through sugar very fast. I’m also hyperglycemic, meaning I sometimes process it too fast, but just throwing sugar into me can make me very sick. Regulating my blood sugar can be tricky as it is. Right now it’s nearly a nightmare. At all times I keep with me both something high sugar as well as a low-sugar food.

Tonight Cody and I went to a local theater that is playing Gone With the Wind, one of my favorite movies, and I was so excited to see it on the big screen. It’s a four-hour movie, and the theater only sells candy bars, not even hot dogs. Candy bars. For drinks, they sell soda. I don’t do well on only these things for four hours. So I brought with me a small salad, and since I can’t drink regular soda (I get nauseated from the sugar), I had a small smoothie that is some fruit blended with ice.

AFTER I had bought our tickets, salad in my hand during the entire transaction, we went to the door, and the ticket-taker tore the tickets and then told me I can’t take my salad or drink, and I informed her I am a pregnant-hyperglycemic and can’t sustain myself on candy cars for four hours, and she became VERY rude to me to the point I was stunned silent for a moment, and I told her I would need a ticket refund, and on the way back to the ticket booth, she literally yelled after me, with many other people around, “Well, you have a sugar-loaded drink in your hand!” I stuttered when trying to tell her it’s strawberries blended in ice, but was just so embarrassed I didn’t get the words out.

This was not only extremely embarrassing for me, but distressing. I shouldn’t need to go into the “sugar-loaded drink” being strawberries in ice, and I don’t believe she had any legal right to comment on this.

Let’s make this worse – I have no large intestine and can’t absorb liquid too well on top of it all.

Right now I have to, absolutely have to, eat every two or three hours, even over night, which is very hard for me. I tried going four hours and did end up fainting. So I really have to eat. I nearly passed out at a zoo last week after an our when I couldn’t find something to drink an became dehydrated very quickly, so don’t want to take chances.

I was under the belief that as I have a couple of conditions that DO NOT make it possible for me to eat only candy for four hours and I MUST eat every few hours, that allowing me to take my salad, at the least, would have been a reasonable accommodation. And it seems extremely inappropriate for her to challenge my condition based on a drink. It was humiliating!

I know my night being ruined, that a movie I’ve waited for months to get to see on the big screen and now can’t, means nothing for anything legal, but as far as not allowing a reasonable accommodation for a couple medical conditions and then yelling a challenge about one of those conditions. I am hurt and embarrassed enough, and spend enough money at this theater, that I don’t want to just drop this. I sure as hell don’t ever want to go back there now to see other old movies. This was just humiliating.

I will be making things hell for them this next week and contacting the ADA. I know that for my intestinal issue and hyperglycemia, I am covered by the ADA and have had to use it, and I have NEVER been denied taking my own drink or food with me if the only drinks or foods sold are things I can’t have.

It’s unbelievable how angry I still am, and hurt, and disappointed, and embarrassed. It takes a lot, a TON, to make me feel this way.


One Response to “I am SO LIVID!! Pregnancy discrimination?”

  1. psychohist Says:

    That’s insane. Have you talked to the manager? I can’t believe they’d want one of their employees doing and saying things like that, if they knew about it.

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