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Going to Santa Barbara April 18, 2009

Filed under: General thoughts — Aria @ 12:24 pm

And I’m procrastinating on going to get the oil changed. Too tired. Also need to put the suitcase in the car and pack up things our ancient cat needs (at 23.5 years, I don’t feel comfortable having him be away from us for six days, especially since his food needs are so precise these days and he sometimes has seizures if his blood sugar drops). But procrastinating. I’ll be picking Cody up from work at 4, and we leave right then. So finishing up here is my job.

Tomorrow the plan is to tell his dad he’s going to be a grandfather. His only son, going to be a dad. To twins. We don’t know how he’ll take it. He’s rather protective of his only child, and doesn’t know we’ve been trying.

On Monday, his mom’s birthday, she’ll find out (parents divorced). We’re giving her a beautiful photo album, and the first page has the ultrasound with both, then when the page is flipped, the left side has Baby A, and the right side has Baby B, with labels to drive the point home that there are two. She knows we’ve been trying, and she will be beyond thrilled. The poor dear needs something to be excited about. The parrot they’ve had from a newborn thing died a week or so ago of cancer. He was only 19, very young for his breed. Brutus’ passing has been very hard for her, so some good news would do her a world of good.

One of Cody’s groups of friends there hasn’t been too supportive of our relationship because, well, post-divorce he could be an idiot with them, but instead we get together and he moves away. So I guess I’m their Yoko or something, the one who broke the group up. I don’t anticipate much joy there.

But his other group is cooler. Even though it’s smaller, four including Cody, and he’s the one that left, they’ve at least seemed more supportive, so may be happy. Especially when they find out that we’re moving back fairly soon, and that I actually encourage Cody to spend time with his friends without me. Hey, I like time to myself too. Plus it’s nice being known as the cool girl.

And on Tuesday we’re going to check out a couple wedding venues.

And…I’m tired thinking about it all. No wonder why I have no energy to go make an evil tuna sandwich or take the suitcase to the car.


2 Responses to “Going to Santa Barbara”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    How’d it go with his Mom?

  2. psychohist Says:

    How did it go?

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