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TWINS!! April 13, 2009

Filed under: Pictures - Ultrasound,Prenatal appointments — Aria @ 11:23 am

We had our heartbeat ultrasounds today (I had the time wrong, so we got there early!!), and it’s officially twins!!

This is the first:

And here is our second:

It was hard to get both in the same picture because of the distance between them, but here are the attempts:

Sex is off-limits for the remainder of the first trimester to help lessen the chance of losing either. Sex wouldn’t guarantee it, but with how many cycles it took, we and the doctor agreed that the lessened chance is worth waiting. Also still must take it easy.

Our next appointment is the 23rd, and today I also get to pick an obstetrician.

None of this feels real. šŸ™‚


6 Responses to “TWINS!!”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    oh my gosh! i cannot believe it! twins?! they both took? This is amazing. congrats twice over! I am speechless (1st time in my life). Wow, awesome! Keep your ass planted on the couch and buy cody some hand lotion or something, it needs to be hands off ******YOU THREE******** for awhile! this is sooooo GREAT, I REALLY CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM!

  2. pennedbypeechee Says:

    AMAZING!!! Congratulations šŸ™‚ the miracle of life is so exciting.

  3. psychohist Says:

    Nice! Congratulations! Now I’m envious.

  4. xyneshia Says:

    i feel a bit of envy too, i wanna get knocked up with two babies!

  5. materix01 Says:

    Wow, twins are soooooo cool ^^

  6. Congratulations times 2!

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