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Santa Barbara trip might be off for me April 8, 2009

Filed under: General thoughts — Aria @ 1:35 pm

Our dog sitters have fallen through.  We have one more shot, but the guy’s allergic to dogs, so I’m not holding my breath.  Cody would still have to go.  He has some personal business to attend to, as well as telling his parents.  We really don’t want them to find out over the phone, and his mom has been looking forward to seeing us on her birthday.  As long as she can see Cody, that’ll suffice.

I’m trying hard not to be disappointed.  In 16 days it would all be over anyway.  We’d have been getting home late on the 23rd, so back home on the 24th.  By then, it won’t matter if I was at home or went away.  Both have the same ending – right back here in an area I hate.  Might actually be better if I don’t get to go because coming back to this area is such a stark contrast to the leisure pace os Santa Barbara that it takes a while to get used to being back in an area that never slows down and stops buzzing.

Chances really are that I’ll be staying home.  I’m not going to bother with planning on going at this point.  So I need to plan out how to spend those days without a car, plan things to do without leaving home at all.  Any suggestions on how to pass six days home alone without a car and only animals for local company?


One Response to “Santa Barbara trip might be off for me”

  1. My Dh went to a 2 week schooling in Florida for his job a few years back and I thought of it as my vacation.I ate whatever I wanted, sewed at 3am, it was really fun not having to do anything except what I wanted for those days. Just be sure to get enough groceries and stuff before he goes.

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