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How times have changed!! March 31, 2009

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In 1971, the British Medical Associaiton advised that if you were under 5 ft in height you should have your baby in a hospital; if you had the baby at home, the husband should sleep in another room for the first two weeks; you shouldn’t drink a lot of alcohol – “at the most one or two sherries or two glasses of beer a day”; and when you first find out you are pregnant and go to see your doctor “you will almost certainly have a chest x-ray to make sure there is nothing wrong… A chest x-ray is prefectly harmless from the point of view of you and your baby. So please don’t worry about it at all.”



One Response to “How times have changed!!”

  1. jewelssparkles Says:

    OMG… I knew about the chest x-rays, but the rest is insane!

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