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hCG! March 27, 2009

Filed under: Elations — Aria @ 1:11 pm

My hCG was 149 on Wednesday, and is 486 today!!

Heartbeat ultrasound on the 13th, so two weeks from Monday. Oh my god, I’m going to go crazy waiting!

Order are still nothing strenuous that could get my heart rate over 140, and no heavy lifting. Sex is still a no-go until after the ultrasound, but baths are okay. And no more sashimi for a while. Dag-nabbit, I love raw fish. But California rolls are still play because those are cooked, so all’s not lost in the Americanized-sushi department.

So I can move around a bit now and sew and do some cleaning. And take BATHS! Yay!!!

Too bad I’m still incredibly tired all the time. Boo!


3 Responses to “hCG!”

  1. pennedbypeechee Says:

    aw yay! that’s great news. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. fingers crossed for the next two weeks!

  2. jewelssparkles Says:

    “Too bad I’m still incredibly tired all the time.”

    I’m told that’s what happens when you’re PREGNANT! So get used to that feeling, it’ll be around for the next 9 months! 😛

    Probably wouldn’t hurt to get your iron checked when you next go to the doctors as well, as iron deficiencies are quite common in pregnancy. I have an iron deficiency & it’s nasty (if i forget to take my pills for a day or 2, I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks).

  3. Aria Says:

    Good idea about the extra iron. I’ll get some iron supplements tomorrow.

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