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Test #8 and #9 March 24, 2009

Filed under: Testing — Aria @ 7:58 am

Last night, shortly after midnight, end of the day, after drinking most of a 2-liter of diet Sierra Mist, I took a test and worried a bit, even though I knew it was end of the day and I had drunk most of a 2-liter. Faint, but still there:

This morning, 13DPO, I took another. Of course.

That’s a good sign. Why can’t the next 36 hours go by faster?! Hurry, Time, HURRY!


2 Responses to “Test #8 and #9”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    you are off to the doctor tomorow right? All this is making me nervous! I have too much empathy! be pergnant, be pregnant…………heck go for twins to catch up on the last couple years!!!! crossing my toes for you! ! ! !

  2. xyneshia Says:


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