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Test #5 and #6 March 23, 2009

Filed under: Testing — Aria @ 10:37 am

Taken at about 4am this morning. Was too damned tired, so took a pic after about a minute:

Taken about ten minutes ago, waited about 10 minutes:

I still refuse to call anything official until the doctor says so. Sure, I’ll scream it everywhere if the doc says yes, but I’ll still be skeptical until birth. With my history of losing babies, which is truly soul-crushing, it’ll take a while for me to not worry and to feel okay.

I’m going to go nuts waiting. Couldn’t get in earlier for the blood test. Ugh.

Also, for those of you trying to get me to argue with you, go the hell away and quit trying to bring your drama here. You have proven once again who the real drama-mongers are by specifically coming to my blog to try causing problems. Get lives. However, I am flattered that my life is so interesting that you’ll go out of your way to read what I write. Thanks!


6 Responses to “Test #5 and #6”

  1. xyneshia Says:

    This is Awesome! it is hard to keep in “wait for the quantative hcg count from the doctor before getting excited” mode, but I am trying. Try to avoid the negativity and keep blogging, I look forward to reading your updates on all of my breaks. I am really praying for you, I know that you will make a great mom.

  2. Aria Says:

    Thanks! I keep waiting to hear news that you’ve got #3 on the way. I can’t wait!

  3. pinnythewu Says:

    All fingers and toes crossed!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog since seeing you at SF. Sorry to hear that anyone is harrassing you. Can you let me know how to be able to read all of your posts? Is there a place to email to for it?

  5. Aria Says:

    Christina, what is in the locked posts are the same entries as the ones named the same without “Protected” before them, and the only difference is the comments are all posted. They were getting far too nasty. If you’d like, I can e-mail them to you.

  6. 365jesus Says:

    hey this is tammy (greeneggsandtam from lj). i want a password to read your other post!

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