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Hmmmm, interesting March 22, 2009

Filed under: General thoughts,Testing — Aria @ 9:26 pm

Pee on a Stick is a pretty damned good site. I refer to it a lot. It’s more than just what a company says and goes into anecdotal tests to show what different ones look like different times, goes into false positives, etc.. This overview goes over what the published sensitivities are and for several of them, what various hCG levels actually were when the woman had positives. You don’t have hCG in your system unless you’re pregnant. The placenta secretes this hormone. No baby, no hCG. So it doesn’t matter if your level is 4 or if it’s 400 (this can be determined by a quantitative blood test). If you’ve got it and haven’t had an hCG shot recently, you’re either pregnant or recently were. Which is why I’ve been using the New Choice tests. I’ve got 27 tests sitting on a shelf in the bathroom. Six of those tests cost me over $60. The other 21 were $21, and are more sensitive.

I came by this page on the site, regarding ovulation predictor kits as home pregnancy tests. I know these things are supposed to have two lines all the time because the LH hormone is always present in the body, but the test line is darker than the control line when there’s an LH surge. Since LH and hCG are nearly identical, these tests also pick up hCG. I happen to have four of the ClearPlan tests left, so for the hell of it, why not try one?

Test line to the left, control to the right:

Heh, if I were testing for an LH surge, this would be positive. So by the reasoning on the page, this could be a tentative positive. No, I’m not going to go off recommending this. I just happen to have these things sitting around, and have four positive tests otherwise, and am not declaring anything until the blood test.

Oh yeah, here’s the most recent pregnancy test (picture taken about five minutes after using it, earlier this evening):

I have a call in to the doctor hoping to get approval to have the blood test sooner than another three days. I’m going to go nuts waiting!!

Think this stuff is TMI? Then stop coming here. No one’s making you. Also grow up. This is normal body function stuff. Stop being a prude.


9 Responses to “Hmmmm, interesting”

  1. pinnythewu Says:

    When I had mine, it was the same, one line faded, one clear. My doc told me that even if theres just a hint of a second line that it’s positive. But then, I live in New Zealand and our tests maybe different. Good luck, sending pregnant thoughts your way.

  2. Aria Says:

    Thank you! It’s supposed to be the same over here, but I’m a bit apprehensive when it comes to declaring anything to be official. I hope they’re sticking!!

  3. materix01 Says:

    “Think this stuff is TMI? Then stop coming here. No one’s making you. Also grow up. This is normal body function stuff. Stop being a prude.”

    Hahaha. This is gold. In school we are learning about how globalisation has helped eroded the traditional boundaries of time and space and what better example than this. IVF would probably be categorised as a scientific paradigm. All these “prudes” really need to grow up and be more mature on something which has increasingly integrated into contemporary ways of living. If I can do it(I’m 17), they can do it too. An amazing amount of retards seem to enjoy surfing the web with anonymous identities because they don’t have the balls to do the same thing in real life.

  4. Aria Says:

    Whatever happened to the days when teens were prudes when it came to talking about this stuff, and adults were open? Sad that so many people who think of themselves as mature are really immature little punks.

  5. materix01 Says:

    Maybe it’s resistance to change?
    I’m abit of a pessimistic person when it comes to the topic of human nature but I think people are just scared by IVF.

    I read blogs like this because I want to gain some insight into totally unfamiliar topics such as IVF. I really can’t imagine what your life must be like. I know personally I have alot to learn about life, and alot of that will come with time. At the moment, I’ve personally don’t think I will have kids in the future, nor waste money on expensive things like cars or watches(for myself) but that’s just part of the immaturity of being a teenager. I know that my current opinion is that I would rather raise a pet than a kid, but I’m sure things will change in time.

  6. Aria Says:

    You are exactly the type of person I’ve been hoping to reach, someone who wants to understand and get some insight into what it is like going through IVF. πŸ™‚ And you’re showing great maturity by being able to acknowledge that you still have a lot to learn. We ALL do. Unfortunately so many people won’t admit it. THAT is immaturity. And it seems to me you’ve already learned happiness doesn’t come from material possessions. I recently lost a friend who insists that material possessions are pretty much the point to life. Your preference for a pet over a child may change, or it might not. It’s very good that you don’t want to be raising a child right this very second. It’s a decision that, once made, you can’t go back on. You can’t exactly rehome a child the way you can rehome a pet if a mistake has been made. So just continue taking your time. I’m glad you found my blog, and I’ll be reading yours as well. πŸ™‚

  7. materix01 Says:

    I can’t understand how people can be “immature” and “prudes” about this. It’s not like you can help what happened to you and I think people are really taking for granted the ability to have your own child. I thought that the purposes would of been fairly obvious. I mean this a blog about the experiences of you going through IVF. If you don’t intend to gain insight into the opinions of the writer, what are you doing reading blogs in the first place?

    IVF isn’t exactly what I would be spending my spare time on but that doesn’t mean I am not curious about it. I mean sure, I know no one who’s going/gone through IVF(not that I know many adults) and it’s probably true I would rather prefer doing kiddish things like watching anime(cartoons) or playing computer games but that doesn’t keep me from being interested in all sorts of topics. I mean, the nature of this blog is what got me hooked in the first place. What is the purpose of reading something you already know? I’m reading blogs because it’ll help me relate to other humans and the challenges we face in this world better.

    I’m afraid the short fallings of the world’s education systems is that we arn’t taught many things about the world around us.
    Health wise, the only thing we were taught in physical education class in 12 years of schooling were
    1.Why you should not have unprotected sex(ever seen the “use condoms ad?)
    2. Treat others how you would like to be treated(bullying issues)
    3. Why illicit drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse is bad for your body
    4. The effects of puberty on the male and female body

    I mean, if it wasn’t for documentaries I’ve seen out of personal interest or the education my parents gave me, I probably wouldn’t even know what IVF was. I don’t even think they teach IVF in high school biology. Higher education however does allow us the ability to appreciate topics such as this.

    My blog isn’t very educational I’m afraid. It’s more for me than anyone else, a tool used for me to make sense of my life and the world around me. Being a teenager, I don’t have as much “older wisdom” to contribute which is why I read blogs such as yours because you do =)

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