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Maybe…? March 21, 2009

Filed under: Elations,Testing — Aria @ 8:17 pm

I’ve had a couple days where my nipples have tingled in an odd way, not like ice on skin, but like soda in mouth. And then last night I woke up four or five times to pee, and a little nausea, and a couple days where I was just dead with how tired I was.

So I felt compelled to take a test when I went to the bathroom about 15 minutes ago.

I’m only 10DPO, and the transfer was Monday. Test isn’t until Wednesday, so it seems a bit early. Still, here’s to hoping…

OMG, PLEASE don’t let my eyes be playing tricks on me!!!


6 Responses to “Maybe…?”

  1. Emily Says:

    A line is a line is a line! 😀 And there is DEFINITELY a line there.


  2. Jennifer Says:

    Looks positive to me! Congratulations! Will be sending sticky thoughts your way.

  3. rachel Says:

    Frak off, you’re an asshole. Go fuck yourself. You obviously don’t know shit about aria, she is the furthest thing from pathetic I have ever met, you stupid piece of shit.

    Note from Aria: This was in reply to a comment I have screened due to its vile nature, not in response to one of the commenters viewable above. Rachel is the oldest friend I’ve got. 🙂

  4. […] darker as the days go by, and do the lines get lighter the later in the day it is?" 10DPO: Test 1 10DPO for #2 and 11DPO for #3: Tests 2 and 3 11DPO: Test 4 and trying an OPK 12DPO: Tests 5 and 6 […]

  5. i took that same exact test and mine came out the same way the line was faint but it was there have you went to the dr to check for sure?

  6. Aria Says:

    I bought 20 of those tests and kept retesting. They’e so cheap! And I did have a blood beta with the doctor on I believe it was day 13. My little girl is asleep draped on my chest right now, all 30-ish pounds of toddler. 🙂

    The Dollar Tree tests are actually some of the most sensitive tests on the market, beating even the name-brand pricier tests. As long as you checked the results within the 10-minute window, you’re pregnant. If you check outside of that window, then you could have evaporation lines. True false positives, though that come up with both lines within 10 minutes, are EXTREMELY rare. The HCG the test looks for is only in your system when a placenta is present. If you later end up with a negative, you could have had what’s called a chemical pregnancy, a very very early loss that usually happens in the first six or so weeks. But regardless, a positive now means there’s a little bub in there! 🙂

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