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Official engagement ring March 16, 2009

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He wasn’t planning on it being tonight. We had an embryo transfer today, and then we talked about how yesterday is the ten-year anniversary of losing my daughter (far enough along to hold her in my hands – it’s a really sad story, I don’t want to get into it right now), and then things just got really emotional and somehow I knew he was about to. I was laying on the couch with John Meyer playing in the background, and he was sitting on his knees on the floor beside me hugging me. And then he got up and went into our bedroom, and came back. He felt emotionally compelled, making it a surprise to him to that it happened tonight.

Not like that’s the interesting part to anyone but me!

Although I will forever be able to lightheartedly tease him about starting to put it on my right ring finger. =D

The center stone is a white sapphire, which is exactly what I wanted. Sapphires are my favorite stone of all, and since it would have been too difficult to match a blue stone this size to the sapphires in my wedding ring, I decided a white sapphire instead. We picked out the stone last November and be bought it for me as one of my Christmas gifts. He thought I had no idea he bought it, but I did! Silly boy.

The setting is three rows of round diamonds with a row of vertical baguettes with another row of round diamonds at the bottom. On the band are round diamonds on three sides, and at the top of the curve, which is clearer in another picture. I just couldn’t get a better picture, so that’s why I’m trying to describe it.

If you’re curious, the center stone is 1.5ct, D in color and VS1 in clarity on the diamond scale (which more people are familiar with than gem grading), the diamonds in the setting are 1.3ctw, F in color, VSI2 in clarity, and 14kt white gold. It’s all sparkly! I have a major love for white gold, even if it has to be re-dipped every year or so.


This one might show it better.

The size compared to my whole hand.

Some gratuitous pictures!

I think I need a new wedding ring to live up to this thing!

We’re doing all of this so backward.  We’ve had the wedding venue picked out since December 2007!  But see, we have insurance right now that’s covering some of this, we we’re taking advantage of it while we can.  We’ll be together, whether officially married in the state’s eyes or not.  We’ve both already got substantial life insurance policies in place should something happen to one of us (the survivor relying on the state isn’t an option), etc..  So between the two, IVF/FET or wedding, the wedding is the one that can wait.

The wedding’s next year.


7 Responses to “Official engagement ring”

  1. Karol Ann Says:

    wow! This ring is beautiful!! It must of cost a fortune!!!

    I am curious about something…you live in CA right? If the state paid for Octo-mom’s IVF all 9 billion times she had it done, can you not get yours paid for? It’s my understanding that the state of California pays for IVF…am I wrong on that? I’m not trying to sound all bitchy, please don’t take it that way, I’m honestly just curious.

  2. Aria Says:

    Thank you! And it’s worth a small fortune, but I and one who loves to find good deals, so what he paid was only about 15-20% of the value. The markup on jewelry is insane. I used to buy wholesale (usually gems as the main stones) and sell locally. My favorite ring I bought two of for $125 wholesale each with USGL certs valuing them at over $7,000 each, and resold one for $600 and still have the other. Go to a jewelry store and you’ll pay at least that much. So, knowing what we know, we got a damned good deal, and the dealer still made a tidy profit.

    California doesn’t pay for IVF, no. It’s a mandated-to-offer state. What this means is that insurance companies that offer group rates to employers must offer at least one package with some sort of fertility coverage. The employer doesn’t have to choose this package, and most don’t because it costs the employer more. If the employer doesn’t choose it, the employees don’t get it. But the state of California doesn’t pay.

    I’ve read on the Medicare site that fertility treatments are covered, though hell if I know how often someone on Medicare uses it. And Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid) is one that I don’t think covers it. I do know that some states’ Medicaid programs cover certain fertility treatments because infertility is seen as a part of the body not working correctly. But I don’t think that’s here anymore.

    Octomom used money she got from a settlement, and then saved the welfare payments she was getting for her kids. She got the state to pay by collecting and saving welfare money while her mom and dad were actually footing the bill for the kids. Even though she grossly misused the money, she’s still legally entitled to collect more money.

    Your comment didn’t sound bitchy at all. It’s easy to think that the state does pay when you hear about a single mom living on welfare somehow being able to afford an extremely expensive medical treatment. It’s also easy to misunderstand the process when so many media outlets talk about the embryos being implanted into her (embryos that are implanted means pregnancy). Embryos are transferred back, and then it’s lots of hope that they implant themselves.

  3. materix01 Says:

    Wow, nice ring.
    White gold ftw ^^
    Reminds me of the ring my dad got for my mum. I was shocked at the markup though. Are you sure that GIA valued rings f0r $7000 and you got them at wholesale for $125? I would feel damned ripped. As if I don’t already. I’ve told mum like 1000 times that it is a complete waste of money. I the colour of her ring was E and I can’t remember anything else but it was pretty high standard. It better of been for the price she paid, it was about 10kUSD. The ring itself has a simplistic single diamond in the centre but it’s about 1.2carats. I’ll need to dig up that GIA certificate. My mum wastes money on expensive things. Like her Mercedes E320… I would of been happy with a Ford Fiesta… or any Toyota… Her numerous handbags arn’t cheap either… I don’t even like Chanel or LV… Nor the Rolex watch she just got… It has diamonds in it so I’m assuming it’s totally marked up too…

    Sorry if I sound random but this post just reminded me alot about mum’s casual spending. Good thing she earns alot of money too. Very interesting blog =)

  4. Aria Says:

    Thanks. 🙂 I’m trying to show as accurately as possible what people going through IVF and FET actually go through rather than some idealistic portrayal of wealthy people in magazine.

    I’m positive. Stores have more overhead than I did, what with renting a location and utilities. Still, they clear profits in the millions. When the movie Blood Diamond came out, people began to be too skeptical of diamonds and other gems, even when those diamonds and gems comply with the Kimberley Convention. So it became too hard to sell as a small-time jewelry seller. Make a crunchy granola website with Green in the URL though and suddenly people buy, but I don’t keep enough volume for that, rarely more than ten pieces at a time. I really enjoyed it.

  5. Aria Says:

    Oh, and this is the cert and a picture of the ring I mentioned. Too bad it’s too big for me now. It really needs to be cleaned, and I really need to learn to get better up-close pictures.

    Stock photo

  6. materix01 Says:

    That ring is absolutely gorgeous.
    I love blue gemstones. My mum got this gorgeous tanzanite when we went on holidays to South Africa. I was surprised because it cost almost as much as diamond(was about $6000USD). I’ll dig up some of the certificates and snap a few photos of my mum’s jewellery after I finish my exams this week.

  7. […] We’ve had the venue chosen since December 2007 and quite a bit planned out. He finally got to put a ring on my finger last week. IVF has been a bigger financial priority for […]

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