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Embies, take 3 March 16, 2009

Filed under: Medical appointments and stuff,The process — Aria @ 3:02 pm

After several days of the flu, mercifully I was well enough to still have the transfer today. Unfortunately Cody had a work meeting he couldn’t get out of, so couldn’t be there. My doctor mentioned to the aid that he’s been stellar about being there and he’s only missed two or three appointments total including today.

Two were unfrozen. We were going to transfer two, but they don’t always make it, so had decided ahead of time to thaw no more than four this time. If we got two alive by thawing two, perfect, and we did. One had a 90%-cell survival rate, and the other 70%. Anything over 50% is just fine. The one on top is the one with 70%:

This time the transfer was much easier than the last. Last time the trial went fine, then with the embies, aye, stuff inside shifted. Took nearly an hour. This time? Minutes.

So once again, all there is to do now is to wait. This is the really hard part.


One Response to “Embies, take 3”

  1. Danielle Says:

    best of luck. i will pray that you transfer is successful. we are in the two week wait too.

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