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Odd dream March 11, 2009

Filed under: Confusions — Aria @ 9:08 pm

Last night I had an odd dream that woke me up a couple times. Even after going back to sleep, I returned.

Somehow I was in a hospital and don’t recall being there, but am told I’m pregnant and in labor. (I’ll have to have a c-section, not by my choice.) So in this dream, I think I’m supposed to be feeling something and try pushing, but there’s no pain, nothing, and I’m thinking I can’t possibly really be pregnant, but the professionals said I was. I start to feel embarrassed inside, like I’m faking it somehow, which didn’t make sense to me since I was trying to tell them I didn’t think I was pregnant to begin with. After a while in this dream, they tell me a mistake has been made, that I was only six weeks pregnant. I was staring at them in confusion. How would they mistake me for being in labor? Why was I there in the first place? I got up to get dressed, trying to find my own clothes, elated to be pregnant, afraid of medical professionals for making this kind of error.

It was very, very weird.


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