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Follicles and theft March 6, 2009

Filed under: Frustrations,Medical appointments and stuff,Sadness — Aria @ 4:12 pm

On Monday and yesterday I had appointments to just check the size of the follicles. On Monday there we 20 on the right and 21 on the left under 10mm, none over. Yesterday I have one that’s about 14mm and one about 11mm. So now the next appointment is Sunday (yes, Sunday – there are no weekends off in the fertility treatment world). I’m also using ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) to make sure that the LH surge doesn’t end up happening on a non-appointment day before the doctor determines the time for the Ovidrel shot. The doctor ordered it. Other than this, nothing is happening.

In my life, there’s little else happening. I have my my website, but with the economy as it is, order inquiries are few and most are wanting to know if I’ll make things for less than the cost of fabrics. No. I won’t. Not unless it’ll be worn by someone high-profile in a venue where it’s likely there will be inquiries. My days are filled with BS’ing online, rotting my brain with tv judge shows, cleaning, and baking. I’m hesitant to start new activities, sign up for classes, or even enroll in ballet again because my schedule is so day-to-day and I will have a week and a half or so soon of near-bed rest once the embryos are transferred. I’m feeling very bored right now.

I took Cody to the train station today and when I got back, the new Britax car seat we bought last month and one of the two bases we got got it (the kind you install and leave in place, snapping the car seat to it and snapping it out) were stolen from our garage. This would be irritating no matter what, but outright angering that this is a $300-car seat and the bases are $79 each, plus tax, and the only way to see where in the garage is it would be to be in this apartment complex. You can’t see it walking on the sidewalk or driving by on the road. The garage is a five-car garage, though only four cars are assigned, and residents of only four units have access to it. I am really sad that I now suspect my neighbors of being thieves, but what else is there to think? Due to the value, I did file a report with the apartment management as well as with the police department. I don’t like that someone came into the part of the garage that is my space and stole from me.

Silly as it sounds, seeing that car seat made me think of the baby I had hoped to put in it and gave me a boost of much-needed hope. Being able to have a baby naturally was stolen when I was hit by a driver who didn’t stop at a red, and the hope-giving car seat has been stolen. Adding insult to injury. I am actually very sad and want to cry. I keep being close to crying.


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