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Pee February 13, 2009

Filed under: General thoughts — Aria @ 10:30 pm

I feel more stressed NOT taking a pregnancy test every time I pee. They’re cheap, so why am I not taking them? Hell if I know.

But damn if I’m not peeing all the time. I am not one who wakes often to go at 12:30am. Of course until recently I was routinely until 2am. But 12:30am last night. Then 1:30. Then 3am. Then 4:30am. Then I thought I was going to die at 6am. It’s eight hours later and I’ve gone no fewer than five times, one since I got home from dropping Cody off at work (got home at about 1:15, and I’m sitting here having to go again 45 minutes later.

Night before last I woke up I think once to go, maybe twice. I am just so incredible tired. I can’t sleep a night, or more than a couple hours, without needing to pee. So during the day I feel like I’ve been up 48 hours, my eyes feel dry like they’ve been open too long and I can easily lean over on the couch and just fall asleep until I have to wake up again to pee. When I think about going to seep, my heart thumps harder, or it does that on it’s own and then I think about sleep.

But it’s not a UTI, and I’ve cut all caffeine. All. Not even diet Coke or diet Dr. Pepper. 😦 Nope, diet Sprite or diet cream soda and even the Cafe Vienna I got is the sugar-free decaf kind. (Oh, and before you say aspartame will cause cancer because incredibly high amounts caused cancer in a few labs rats, high fructose corn syrup contains mercury, which the government has known about, so it’s pretty much a pick-your-death thing, only mercury will actually impact a developing baby.)

I don’t like having to go to the bathroom all the time. There had better be a damned good reason otherwise I’m going to bitch for a few days about how I had to pee all the time for nothing and then bitch for a few days more about how I should still be having reason to pee all the time.

And normally I can eat like a freaking cow. I’ll take one large Hawaiian pizza please, and finish yours. (Thank the gods my metabolism is such that I haven’t gain a whole lot of weight from this type of appetite every single day, 115 to 133 in almost eight months. I’m 5’7″ and so had to gain some weight.) But for the last few days, I’m either not hungry at all, or I’ll be hungry, go to the kitchen, start getting something to eat, and then half the time not be hungry by the time I’m finished and so the dogs find themselves getting a treat.


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