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Transfer!! February 9, 2009

Filed under: Elations,Happiness!,The process — Aria @ 3:35 am

This morning we had the embryo-transfer. The transfer didn’t go as smooth as the first one. The test would be fine and the second catheter, with the embryos, just wouldn’t want to go in straight. My varies are still big from the stimulants, which made it hard to get a good view of my uterus on the ultrasound. after several minutes, we took a break because I had to pee too bad. You’ve got to have a full bladder. A speculum pushing up an an ultrasound pushing down when you’ve got to go isn’t much fun. So we took a break, and tried again. The second time took a while, but we got it.

We had two transferred, blastocysts graded 4AB, which is very good. Interestingly one of the other embryos is splitting. It seems to be having trouble, so they’re a bit concerned about the overall viability of it, but basically one of the remaining embryos is trying to split into twins!

And here are the blastocysts:

The oval-thing in the middle of the left on and the blob at about 1:30 on the right one – those are them! Apparently those are the cells that are the babies!

Now we’ve got a little over a week to wait for the test.

I had a dream this afternoon with a bright flash of light and a feeling they were trying to start implanting. Weird dream. I hope it means good things. I’m just going to be taking it easy the next week doing very, very little if anything.


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