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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Wow! February 6, 2009

Filed under: Elations,Happiness!,The process — Aria @ 6:49 pm

Last time we got 14 eggs and seven fertilized normally. Of the seven, only two reached eight-cell, one reached six-cell, and the remaining four were four-cell or fewer (this isn’t exactly ideal for day three). We transferred the two eight-cell embryos on day three (day-five is preferable if the embryos are strong enough). Only two of the four-cells made it to day five blast and got to be frozen. The rest arrested and so were no good.

This time…

We are doing a day-five transfer. Of 25 eggs, 15 fertilized, and of those 15 three are over eight-cell, EIGHT are at eight-cell, and there’s one each at seven-, six-, five- and four-cell!! We have more embryos are just the eight-cell stage than we have fertilize all together last time!! We are thrilled.

I’m still achy though. Tummy hurts lots of nausea. Put it this way – you know how women get morning sickness because of the increasing HCG in their systems? Well, an the HCG level starts at nada then doubles every day from when it begins to secrete into the system. It takes several days to reach 10,000 and a lot of women are already nauseated at lower levels. I got to go from none in my system to a shot giving me 10,000. So I’m pretty damned sick and am on Phenergan so I don’t throw up every three seconds. I three up twice right after waking up from the retrieval. And I’m just so damned sore still. The doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine, and I am taking it religiously. The unfortunate side effect is that both of these make me very very very tired. So I am sleeping quite a bit.

I need to read again the Eating Well When You’re Expecting book since I know my post-eating-disorder diet could be better than scarfing an entire large bag of M&Ms following an entire pan of brownies. I’m going to write out a month-long meal/snack plan and stick to it as much as possible for as long as necessary (please let it be for nine months…). I’m serious when I said I’d eat what I had to, even if it meant gaining weight. I’ve gained back 18 pounds from my lowest weight of 115. Yes, I feel incredibly fat right now because the weight-gain is fat and not baby. But I am sure that after having a baby (or two), I’ll suddenly feel skinny again.

The book’s beside me, but I think I’m going to go take a nap before reading even though it’s only 10:48 in the morning. I’ve got acupuncture at 2 ad I probably need to be awake for that.


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