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The Clements’ IVF Journey

How many embryos? February 4, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aria @ 5:37 pm

15! 15 fertilized as if this morning, so 15 embryos. Last time we got 14 eggs total and 7 fertilized. Two were transferred and two made it to the blast stage, so are frozen. The remaining three had arrested development. So we have a higher percentage this time of more eggs. Even if we have the same ratios as last time, this will still mean twice as many to choose the best from.

The eggs that don’t fertilize or fertilize abnormally we donate to Stanford’s research program. No point letting them go to waste, and since there are other sources for stem cells, we have chosen to donate them to fertility research specifically.

So now we wait. The transfer will either be at 9:50am on Friday or 9:20am on Sunday. We’ll know Friday morning. This is an aspect of IVF I don’t think many people think about, having to live on-call for a while. But babies’ needs aren’t on a schedule either!


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