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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Just waiting February 3, 2009

Filed under: Medical appointments and stuff,The process — Aria @ 6:25 pm

They’re going to call me back in about another 20 minutes, so a little earlier than my 11:30 time. I’m trying to pass the time until then by updating my website, overhauling it more like, and screwing around online (thank you, Stanford REI, for having wireless internet and posting the code!).

I am thirsty, my mouth is dry, I’ll shave my head for an apple fritter or some chocolate or a diet cream soda….

We got here at about 7:15 because Cody had to be in Cupertino by 8am for some special Apple-thing he’s doing, and since he wouldn’t be able to get me here closer to the time, I’ve been waiting. We met another nice couple while waiting for the clinic to open so he could drop of his specimen, a nicer way to say “cum in a cup,” and they’re also having a retrieval today. Since he was running short on time and the lab person wasn’t here yet, the reception people went ahead and ID’d him and let him leave his cup with me until the lab person got here. After the retrieval, since he’ll still be in Cupertino, a friend’s girlfriend will be picking me up and taking me home (a very big thanks to both of them!!). And then I’ll down half a huge bad of M&Ms and a few cans of diet cream soda, and crash in bed until Cody gets home and makes me chocolate souffle, unless he stops and gets me a tiramisu from Buca di Beppo on the way home. I hope the rum is cooked out of that so I can eat those things while pregnant.

My thoughts are all over the place, my way of distracting myself when stressed or nervous. And I think a lot about food. Somehow I’m still just 125 at 5’7″, despite eating like a cow. I guess this means I’ll have to shovel in even more yummies if I get pregnant. I won’t complain at having to eat an extra pan of brownies in the morning! Well, maybe not brownies. Maybe German chocolate cake.

Yes, I am very nervous.


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