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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Pincushion!! February 2, 2009

Filed under: Medical appointments and stuff — Aria @ 11:22 pm

I am a needle-phobe, which made these shots hell. Plus they just plain burned. Well, I’ve been told acupuncture (in some of the respectable communities here on LJ as well as what I’ve found on infertility sites) can help increase the odds of IVF working. Plus in the REI waiting room at Stanford has information on acupuncture.

So the day of transfer is when I will go. We won’t know until Friday if it’ll be Friday or Sunday. They’re closed Sunday, so I gt an appointment made for Friday, and will go to that even if the transfer ends up being Sunday, and will go back on Monday. If it’ll help to go every day they’re open, I’ll do it. If three times a week, twice a week, whatever, I’ll do it. I’ll go be stabbed with lots more needles. I’ve been getting jabbed a couple dozen times a week with big needles with stinging medicine. I think thinner needles without liquid fire sound much nicer.

I will be seeing Shin Moon. Friday at 3.


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