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The Clements’ IVF Journey

WTF…! January 30, 2009

If I recall correctly, I had about 15 follicles on Tuesday in the range of about 10mm to 14mm. And then there’s one that’s far ahead of the rest, closer to 18mm. That one’s just going to have to be let go.

At today’s ultrasound, there are 17 in the same range, so after an estrogen level check (took three stabs thanks to my bad veins) the Follistim is lowered to 75IU. Next ultrasound is Saturday.

I’m sure everyone has head of the woman who had the octuplets.

California Octuplets’ Mom Already Has 6 Kids: Report
Octuplets Mom Has 6 Other Kids
Octuplets’ Mother Has Six Older Children Already (VIDEO)
California octuplets’ mom already has 6 kids: report
Reports: Mom of Surprise Octuplets Already Had 6 Kids
Octuplets’ mother ‘already has six children’
Report: Octuplet Mom Already Has Six Other Kids

Yup, she already has six other kids.

Is it just me, or is there something irresponsible about this? I mean, she lives in her parents’ home in a neighborhood of houses with two or three bedrooms each, has six kids, including a set of twins, naturally, and then decides to go use fertility drugs, despite her track record of being able to get pregnant? The chance of natural triplets is 1 in 8000 quadruplets is 1 in 712,000, and quintuplets at 1 in a little over 40,000,000. I believe as the doctors claim, that she used fertility drugs of some sort. Irresponsible idea when you’ve already got six kids. Without a doubt, tax dollars will be supporting her 14 kids.


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