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Needles, needles, and more needles January 26, 2009

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I dread the evenings all day every day because I know the shots will have to come. I can’t give them to myself. Cody has to.

I have the Lupron drawn up in each of the syringes and each syringe is in a plastic bag with a vial of Menopur and diluent to mix it, the syringe for it, hypodermic, which is separate for this one, and a Q-cap to help with mixing, and alcohol pads. Each night I grab a bag and the case with the Follistim and the pen (it looks like a pen until you take the cap off and attach the needle). I mix the meds myself and get it ready. This is the way I fee some control.

Then I lay down on the couch and pull my pants down or skirt up, whatever, to expose my abdomen. Lupron first, since it hurts the least. It itches though. Then the Follistim. Finally the Menopur, which burns so much I come close to crying and usually yelp in pain. Cody massages the sites to help make them feel better.

It’s a bit harder this time around because…I don’t know. It just hurts more. And I guess also it’s a bit harder because I didn’t think I’d have to go through this again. But it’s easier because we know what to expect. I’m not nervous about the retrieval, just the IV. Last time I felt like I needed my hand held each step of the process, and I feel like an ol’ pro now. Maybe this is why the success rate on second cycles is better than first cycles. People aren’t as stressed because they know what to expect.

Tomorrow is an ultrasound, and I’ll know then if I go back Wednesday or Thursday for the next, and on that day, when the next will be. And it’ll be like this until the hCG shot to trigger ovulation, then 36 hours later, the retrieval. This both happen fast and take forever from this point on.


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