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Baseline ultrasound and semen analysis information January 21, 2009

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Today was the baseline ultrasound. My uterine lining is at 5mm with a bit of that being the last bit of menstrual lining. My right ovary has one follicle at 8mm and 12 under 8mm, and my left has one at 8mm and 14 under 8mm, as well as that cyst measuring 14.5mm. So they’re a little smaller than at this point last cycle, but the doctor said that’s perfectly fine, that each cycle isn’t going to be exactly the same. Of course I’m feeling anxiety because we lost them last time, so anything that, in my mine, isn’t “as good or better” than last time, at least as a I perceive it, worries me.

We also go the results of Cody’s semen analysis. This was from last cycle, a new one not being needed this cycle. I had no idea what any of it meant until looking it up a few minutes ago.

1.5mL volume, when they usually like to see 2.0mL on up
136 million concentration/density, when they usually like to see at least 14 million
79% morphology
10% motility, when at least 14% is usually desired

So motility is basically the percentage of sperm that actually move and swim toward the egg right. Dr. Baker said they’d like to see a lower motility with a high concentration rather than a higher motility with concentration closer to 14 million. So it’s important to keep in mind that all the results need to be taken together to get a full analysis, that just one or two parts mean little without the rest. For example, the lower volume and motility are made up by a much, much higher concentration.

Since it’s IVF, the sperm are placed right next to the eggs anyway rather than having to swim through the entire reproductive tract in search of an egg. More info on semen analysis It’s hard to find information online for semen analysis as it would relate to IVF versus natural conception, but the basic idea is the same.


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  1. hayeswoods Says:

    There’s a lot of research to support that antioxidants will help sperm quality and health. My clinic has a page on it’s website about it and I just ordered Mark some multivitamins they focus on male sexual health. But just eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking green tea and red wine can help too as they’re better naturally. I figure it can’t hurt.

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