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What we have left, and what we still need. January 7, 2009

Filed under: Financials for IVF — Aria @ 6:16 am

Well, I figured we could buy some time if we had enough Lupron left from the last cycle to get started. We started last time, as we will again this time, with 10IU per day for 10 days, then 5IU until the trigger shot, which was nine days last time. I pre-fill syringes because it makes me feel like I’m doing something since Cody actually gives the shots. I filled 10 syringes with 10IU and 12 syringes with 5IU, and still have some left. So we are set on that.

We also have seven cartridges of Follistim left. Last time we were originally going to do 300IU of Follistim per day, and counted on 11 days, so got 11 cartridges of 300IU, then went down to 125IU instead because of how many follicles were forming and the concern of hyperstimulation. Due to overfill, which is always done, we only used four, so have seven left. More than enough.

We have two vials of Menopur left out of the original 11. We need seven to have as many as we used before. We also have six syringes and hypodermics left, as well as two of the Q-caps. So we’d need a few more of each.

I doubt the ability hCG to last for weeks after mixing, so, even though we used 5,000IU last time out of a 10,000IU vial, I’d feel better getting a new vial due to the extreme importance of this drug.

We also have 16 doxycycline pills left. Four times how many we used before.

We have half the bottle of progesterone left, so wouldn’t need more right away, but would later if we’re successful.

So as it stands, we need seven more vials of Menopur to have what we used before (I’d feel best with another nine), five more syringes and hypodermics, nine more Q-caps, and a vial of hCG. The pharmacy said the hCG is covered. So we’re good there. I wonder if not refilling the Lupron, doxy, and progesterone right now would get the Menopur covered? Worst case scenario (and I talked this over with Cody) is that we’d buy on the secondary market. Many couples sell what they have left over. I was planning to sell the remaining cartridges of the Follistim. Sure, there’s a little risk, but what have we got to lose? We’re backed into a corner with an insurance company that wants to play games.

Regardless, with the Lupron being plentiful, as well as the Follistim, and two vials of Menopur, this will set us for the first 12 days. Even though we start on Monday, this buys us until the 23rd. Come the 24th and we’ll be out of Menopur. But we’re good until the 23rd. Of course we have NO intention of waiting around until the last moment. I’ll call the pharmacy again tomorrow and see what can be worked out.


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