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Our Christmas December 26, 2008

Filed under: General thoughts — Aria @ 3:41 pm

Among other things (my Philippa Gregory historical novel collection is complete now!), two stand-out gifts I got were a white sapphire (he hid it inside the jewelry box he gave me), 6.6mm, so big, very clear, beautiful, for the center stone of an engagement ring. I’ve wanted a white sapphire for ages. Before Debeers started the “A diamond is forever” and the two-months’ salary bull, (which is now 4-6-months’ salary, btw), sapphires stood for fidelity, permanence, and love. My wedding ring is blue sapphires and diamonds, but matching those sapphires to a larger center stone would be too tricky, so we decided on a white sapphire, and he got it.

Another gift is a Kitchenaid mixer. You know those big ones that go on counter tops? That’s the one appliance I’ve wanted for ages and never bought due to price. Moving here freed up the money to buy these things. After opening stuff, I demanded he make me madeleines! And then I put my apron on him, and got a picture! Snapped while he was chewing on cheddar Goldfish crackers.

I got my mom an Anne Klein black wool coat, mid-length, since she needed a new coat. And I got Cody the deluxe editions of Wall-E, Iron Man, and Dark Knight, a Remington shaver, and an XBox 360 with Left for Dead 4, but damn it, it’s on back order, to be shipped about January 14th.

The day did start off with some arguing. Yeah, Cody tried the “think about positive things” and that didn’t help. He’s still in denial. Then gifts and breakfast (Cody made waffles and sausage, and the wffle maker is visible on the counter still), then made dinner, enough for a small army, then watched Wall-E and Iron Man. Partway through Iron Man I left to to pick up a friend to get him to the airport and brought Gosha, his pup that we were the breeders for, back here. Big doggy! The girls (Gosha’s mom and sister) are thrilled to have him here.

It wasn’t a very thrilling day, somber a lot of it (seriously, just lost babies three days before, it’s going to be sad on and off for a while here), but perked up while watching movies. I also ate an entire pumpkin pie, so that was good. But it’s been hard expecting to celebrate our last childless Christmas, instead mourning losses.

There was one gift Cody took back. Well, not took back, but he said he got it when we had those positives, but it might make me sad to open under the circumstances. So it’s on top of the liquor cabinet unopened for now. I think I know exactly what it is.

So that was my day.


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