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The Clements’ IVF Journey

And another December 19, 2008

Filed under: Frustrations — Aria @ 1:10 pm

Third negative test. Three days until Monday when blood is drawn. I called the doctor and the chance of still being pregnant is very slim if there was a negative today.

My mom’s cousin just had his 18th baby yesterday. You might have heard of them. You know. The Duggars. Yeah, those Duggars. I really don’t want to have any relation to them at all. It would be bad enough hearing through the grapevine a cousin got pregnant without meaning to, and quite another having my cousin and his family all over tv, the internet, and on the radio, every time they conceive again or have another baby, which happens every single fucking year. Uterus prolapse? No prob, get it fixed, get knocked up quickly again and have her cervix sewn shut (yeah, it won’t stay closed anymore – Michelle has to be sewn shut so the baby does literally fall out).

The Quiverfull movement is very racist and discriminatory as well. Family units without children and without the woman completely submissive to men “leads to male effeminacy which leads to homosexuality. Biblical patriarchy must be re-established within the home.” Also the main point of the Quiverfull movement is to out-populate non-Christians. Nope, not kidding.


I also got some more shopping for Cody done. Now just waiting for the 360 to ship. Apparently ordering from a smaller retailer because the bigger ones are sold out doesn’t mean the smaller retailer has stock. So it won’t ship until after Christmas, but that will be faster than waiting for a refund since I paid through PayPal and PayPal’s end of refunds can take two weeks, plus time for the bank to credit the money back. Cody knows he’s getting a 360. I think I’m getting a Kitchenaid mixer, one of those big counter-top ones. Big plus? Not having to stand there to holding a hand-mixer for 20 minutes to make blueberry mousse.

I’m just not feeling very Christmasy this year. Christmas party tomorrow night, and I still don’t feel Christmasy. I also feel unmotivated and absolutely depressed.


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