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Follicles! December 2, 2008

Filed under: Medical appointments and stuff — Aria @ 4:41 pm

We had the day 5 ultrasound yesterday (I know, it was me, but Cody was there, we’re doing this together, so WE), and there are five follicles over 8mm on the right plus 12 under 8mm, and eight over 8mm on the left plus another 10 under 8mm. The largest was at 11mm. The cyst is at 18.5mm now. The concern is hyperstimulation, which terrifies the daylights out of me. I’m on a very low dose of Follistim as it is, and they’re not sure the Menopur will even be necessary the entire time. I can expect more blood work to monitor my estradiol level. The shots are pretty much routine by this point. I’m getting bored. Want baby. No shots. Give me a baby!

The next ultrasound is tomorrow. We’ll see how the follicles are then. It it indeed interesting to look at them on the monitor and to think about how one or two of them could be a warm, screaming baby by this time next year.

Another happy thing is that they’re going to try aspirating the cyst as much as possible after the retrieval.


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