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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Relief November 25, 2008

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Got the call, we’re good to keep going for now. We’ll see where things stand at the next appointment next week.


I feel sick

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A few weeks back here was a cyst found, not a big deal because it’s 22mm, which isn’t super huge, but not posting a problem.  Last week it was down to 18mm.  Yay!  Today it’s back to 20 and I was sent for some blood work, estradiol.  It’s a stat order, so we should hear back by the end of the day.  I’m sick to my stomach because what this could mean is we can’t go forward with IVF.  I’ve been crying my eyes out for a while.  All the secret-ill-wishers can start tentatively rejoicing now.  All others, please send positive thoughts that the estradiol levels are low enough that we can continue.  I swear I will die of heartbreak.  I couldn’t handle it if we had to stop now.