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The cruelty of some people online November 19, 2008

Filed under: Frustrations — Aria @ 2:23 pm

What kind of comments are common from the internet about IVF? All of these are in reference to me, from this morning alone, and are only the ones short enough to re-post.

“I can’t wait until she does IVF and it doesn’t work.”

Can you get much more evil?

“If she can’t afford IVF [out of pocket], she can’t afford children. lol”

“One thing I’ll never, ever understand: How does she expect to raise children if she can’t afford her fucking fertility treatments? Raising a child costs a LOT more money than fertility treatments do.”

Yeah, except that the cost of raising a child is spread out over decades whereas the tens of thousands for IVF, when out of pocket, it all due up front.

“[Her] poor baby will have a lot to deal with when she grows up.”

Just for being the child of some who’s a lowlife for not being able to afford tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket up front and having a baby anyway. Oh hell, my parents and your parents are all terrible people for having babies if they couldn’t afford tens of thousands of dollars in one lump sum before having us!

“If she’s in any sort of financial shape to have children, I would think she could put it on a credit card that her IVF treatments alone could be paid over time.”

Some people avoid debt when at all possible, and why use credit cards for what insurance is covering?

The reaction to people going through fertility treatments is awful. Absolutely awful. This is why people are afraid to be open about what they’re going through, why they feel so alone. Fear about how others will take it. I never would have thought the reactions would be hoping it doesn’t work, someone once saying she hoped the baby dies because I’m too selfish to adopt, etc..


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