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The Clements’ IVF Journey

The next (mini) step November 7, 2008

Filed under: The process — Aria @ 9:30 am

Aaaaahhhh, needles, lots of needles.  I’m sore from a hysteroscopy yesterday, and today we have a 3hr-long class on shots.  Why?  Because I have to have shots every day, three of them.  And, since I’m scared to death of needles (I’ve already been poked more than once this week), Cody has to give them to me.

They saw more egg follicles yesterday during the scope and ultrasound than they usually hope to get with stimulation shots, so the dose of one of the meds has been cut to less than half of what it was to prevent over-stimulation.  There were two dozen of them.  And, as you know, usually one egg is released per month.  They like to try to get it up to 15 or 20 before retrieving.  And I had two dozen.  Dr. Baker said that if my tubes weren’t occluded, then, without doubt I’d be as prolific as my relatives (Jessica had there live births by 19, Tiffany had three live births by 22, Alicia had two by 18, Jennifer had two by 17, and so on – but then again, they’re sluts).  So.  This is good news.

Bad news is those shots.  Needles, needles, needles.  The list of shots and drugs that are being shipped to us makes my head spin.  But I’ll do it.

Y’know, I’ve been to the REI center FIVE times in the last week and will be there again today, and it’s going to be like for the next month, until the retrieval and transfer.

Toss in a move in a few weeks, and good times!


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