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Hysteroscopy over, and the next step November 6, 2008

Filed under: The process — Aria @ 2:47 pm

It’s over, yay. I woke up several times last night nervous about the hysteroscopy, and was just so scared. Despite all the surgeries in the past, anything still scares me to a degree, mainly that bad news will be found.

Well, my uterus DOES have a small bit of bicornuate, but they do not expect it to be ANY issue at all. Still, when they saw it, I cried because it scared me. THe doctor and nurses were so sweet though, just so sweet, never making me feel bad for crying. My left ovary is indeed supposed to be gone, so another ultrasound was done as well, and, well, it’s still there. To be very sure, Dr. Baker consulted another doctor. Even better, the ultrasound showed so many little follicles that the Follistim (sp?) dose has been cut to prevent too many. There were dozens without stims, what she said they like to see with stims. She told me no wonder my relatives are so fertile, and that she has no doubt I’d be too if it weren’t for my tubes being occluded.

When they pump in all the fluid to open the cervix, one thing that was noticed is that I still had no hydrosalpinx fluid. Hydroslpinx can be a concern if the tubes full with fluid and wash the embryos out (my tubes are blocked up further, at the outer ends), but even with the introduction of fluid pressure, still no problem.

So this is all good stuff.

I’m sore and crampy now, and found it more uncomfortable than I expected, but it’s over, and Cody’s taking very good care of me.

So next step is tomorrow, when we have a class for the shots.