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The Clements’ IVF Journey

Whew, whirlwind!! November 3, 2008

Filed under: The process — Aria @ 2:14 pm

So here’s how it went.

Cody did his sample at home (I call it cum-in-a-cup, like I’m clever, pathetic, I know), then we rushed down to the office.  They got his blood easily, just a couple vials, but the ordered me to drink another gallon of water, and I HATE water.  Ick!  But I did it, then they had to warm me up (I’m always cold, and my average temp is 97.8 instead of 98.6) to stick me, then bye-bye to TEN vials of my blood.  Never did a scone taste as good as the one I ate right after that.

So birth control pills start now.  Wednesday at 3 I have an appointment with a nurse to go over things more in detail.  I also start antibiotics.  On Thursday, a hysteroscopy.  Eep!  Okay, nerves.  And then, on Friday, from 12:45-4 is a class on the process as well as shots, and Cody will be giving the shots.  I am a MAJOR needle-phobe.  I’ve also got permission to pseudo-hate him for a few weeks. 🙂

On either the 17th or 21, I can’t remember which she said (I’ll get this all again Wednesday) the shots start, and ultrasounds galore (luckily this all happens very VERY close to where Cody works), and on about the 9th will be the retrieval.  And about the 12th will be a transfer.  Heh, one hell of a week!  Cody’s birthday is the 7th, mine is the 8th, my mom’s is the 15th!!  Oh PLEASE let this be a good sign!!  And then, 14 days later, pregnancy test.  So we could possibly find out on Christmas.

I’m in a state of WTF (I’m used to medical stuff happening quickly, but always for bad stuff, never once for good…until now), and disbelief, and fear of hoping, and of wanting to curl up into a ball because, after eight years of living with infertility (I knew in my heart before the official diagnosis, I just knew), there might finally be a little light.  And I’m so scared to ope for it and then get mad at myself for not wanting to hope.

LOL, and toss in a move at the end of the month (not too far, just the apartment we are in right now is too damned expensive), and a move in April or so to Colorado (which is all but a sure thing at this point).  And our wedding December of next year (priority was money for baby-stuff, weddings aren’t time-sensitive).  Lots of busy-ness coming up, but yet it still feels, for once in my life, like there’s enough time.


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